Trying out Kdramas!

I decided to test out kdramas this summer, just see what all the fuss was about. A friend was watching the show, Descendants of the Sun and was raving about it so I started with that. Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped because the k-world  is really a rabbit hole that once you get sucked into you can never escape. So unless you have immense self-control (a characteristic I have no claim to whatsoever) be warned.

First let’s start off with an explanation. Kdramas work like mini-series with 16-20 episodes per show on average. So it’s really easy to get hooked. Some kdramas are pre-filmed which means they’re fantastic since they have a solid storyline and have been well edited. Others are filmed while the show is still airing so they alter the storyline based on viewer reviews. I prefer pre-filmed ones but they have bigger budgets which means there are fewer of them

Secondly, the shows are legally free for the world to watch with people volunteering to subtitle each episode in various languages. There are two popular sites Dramafever and Viki where all kdramas are listed. Some shows are exclusive to the site so don’t except Viki to offer all the same shows as Dramfever or vise-versa.

IF you do want to start kdramas read on for my recommendations because I have watched quite a few by now (time and kdramas are a deadly combination):

  1. Descendants of the Sun: watch this as your first drama! I did and I’m hooked. It came out in 2016 so the effects and action sequences are pretty top notch. It was pre-filmed so the editing is great too! It’s a military/medical drama, romantic with hilarious and touching moments. It also helps that literally every actor on the show is beautiful. 9/10
  2. It’s Okay that’s Love: I adored this drama. It touches all the high points with fantastic acting, an excellent script and the best soundtrack. It’s a show about psychologists and mental health. Don’t worry, it’s a romantic comedy! 10/10
  3. The Master’s Sun: This show has the same actress as It’s Okay that’s Love. She’s a great actress and the main characters really pull this show together. It’s a mix of comedy, inspiration and murder mystery. It works well and I highly enjoyed the ride. 8/10
  4. Oh My Venus: my favourite drama tbh. It wasn’t overly dramatic or soapy. It handled real issues about self-love and health. It inspired me to start working out which says a LOT! The acting is again top-notch and it never dragged. 10/10
  5. Healer: A satisfying ending with flawed but hilarious characters and an awesome action driven plot makes this drama a win in my book. I really liked it so watch it if you’re into relatable characters and a fun ride! 9/10
  6. W: this one recently ended and wow, I will never not recommend this show. Wow. Honestly! It has fantastic effects, wonderful acting and a complex plot which sucks you right in. 11/10
  7. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: This one is still airing. It is a period drama and I have no idea how it’ll end but I enjoyed all the episodes thus far. Once again, the acting sells the show. The filming and great costumes are a bonus. 10/10
  8. Scarlet Heart (Ryeo): Words cannot describe how I feel about this show. It is a period drama which may or may not be a turn off. It was pre-filmed which explains the beautiful filming and a mostly good soundtrack. The acting is superb and the plot…I’m on tenterhooks wondering how it’ll end. It’s the only show I’m okay with watching as it airs because I actually eagerly await each episode. 12/10

I have watched a lot more than these but I wanted to share the ones that actually stood out to me. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know in the comments how you feel about kdramas and if you’ve watched any!

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Love, Nina: a touching find!

I’ve been trying to explore new tv shows recently. From Peaky Blinders to Mad Men I’ve been experimenting to find a favorite. And two weeks, I finally discovered Love, Nina. The show is based off a book (now on my to-read list) by Nina Stibbe. It’a directed by ever popular Nick Hornby and stars Helena Bonham Carter and Faye Marsay, who plays Nina (she’s also in GOT!)

I simply HAD to write about this show because even though there’s only five episodes out, it is such a touching, quirky, funny and lovely show. Leave it to the British to make sarcastic, strange nannies the central and beloved characters.

Nina is no Mary Poppins but she shines in her own way. She walks the streets, grocery stores and gardens with bare feet. She wear her shoes indoors. She makes delicious meals that are constantly questioned by their famous neighbour (author Malcolm Tanner). And she’s in charge of two foul mouthed boys with a football obsession. Plus, she’s only 20!

There’s also a love interest, misunderstandings and some pretty great British humour. Helena Bonham Carter finally plays a regular human being and excels at it. It’s all set in the 80’s so you do get mentions of nuclear war and fabulous outfits appropriate for the time period!

Does that make you want to watch the show yet? I certainly hope so because everything I just described combines to make a unique show for which I have great hope. I actually wait eagerly wait for each new episode to come out which is quite rare for me.

Give it a try. Let me know if you live it or if you hate it and think I’m a weirdo for loving it!

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TV’s Most Scandalous Show?

Quite randomly I decided to watch Masters of Sex last week and was pleasantly surprised with excellent acting, beautiful set/costume design and a fantastic storyline.


The plot revolves around sex. Big shocker, I know. But the show’s focus lies on female orgasms and sex in a scientific setting. A highly renowned doctor, Dr. Masters and his assistant, Virginia Johnson are the primary characters who skirt around the issues women faced and the shame revolving sex in the 1950’s and 60’s, all while (mis)handling the sexual tension existing between themselves and their own personal life dramas. The show deals with adultery, sexism, racism, scientific methods, feminism and pleasure. These themes make the show completely different from anything I’ve ever watched before.

m and v

I can totally see how this show might be a little scandalous for some and it’s certainly mature for younger viewers. But you should give it a try because this show is surprising, eye opening, and shocking in the best way possible.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 9.5/10 | Comedy: 4/10 | Acting: 10/10 | Drama: 10/10 | Shock Factor: 9/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must Watch

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A British drama set in Paradise

A few months ago a friend recommended “The Paradise” to me and I, being a blockhead, put off watching it until two days ago. Not surprisingly,”The Paradise” is fantastic! I am currently on the last episode of the first season and I cannot stop myself from pressing the next episode button on Netflix.

The show revolves around Denise, an ambitious, pretty girl who arrives in London from the country to work with her uncle in his small dressmaking store. However, business is scarce for independent store owners because of the huge department store across the street. aptly named “The Paradise”. Denise, out of a job, finds employment in this store and discovers what is essentially a  Downton Abbey-esque drama in The Paradise. The store owner, Mr. Moray notices Denise’s intelligence and beauty which provides most of the drama/fuel to the show.

Moray and Denise

I recommend this TV show to those looking to fill the space Downton Abbey, Agatha Christie, Upstairs Downstairs and basically any British TV show has left in their hearts. There’s only two seasons so there’s not much of a risk of getting hooked–a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Denise and Clara

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 7.5/10 | Comedy: 5/10 | Adventure: 4/10 | Drama: 9.5/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must Watch

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Penny Dreadful: A new favourite?

I started watching Penny Dreadful last Christmas. I was most emphatically against the horror genre having no taste for thrillers and gore. But after spending the fall and winter months immersed in the world of the American Horror Story, I was eager to try something new. Penny Dreadful looked deliciously romantic being set in the 1860’s London and the set/costume design looked to be on par with Downton Abbey. I set out to watch the first season expecting only minor thrills, romance and not much more. The first minute in the first episode of the first season scared me to death and from then on, I was hanging on to the edge of my seat expecting, loving and revelling in the charms, horrors and sheer brilliance that are all the characters in this show.

*Photo taken from ''

For all those of you out there thinking, “I don’t need another tv show in my life”, boy are you wrong! I cannot speak highly enough for this show! I would go so far as to say that it equals GOT which, for me, is saying a lot.


The show follows Vanessa Ives, Dr. Frankenstein, his creatures, Dorian Grey and a host of other characters that are played by seriously talented (and I must confess– beautiful) actors. Eva Green is spectacular and I love her more and more with each episode. The most recent episode did not have her in it and I almost stopped watching, but then couldn’t because everyone on screen was magnificent. Yes…that is the struggle you face when you start this show.


Unfortunately, there are approx. ten or less episodes each season and there are only two more episodes left until Penny Dreadful is done its run in 2015. But, it has (obviously) been renewed by Showtime for a third season which means that you lot have until 2016  to catch up.

Watch it. Right now. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Let me know in the comments below how much you love it!

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