Challenge #5 Complete 

The Jar of Epicness has thrown in quite a challenge this week– traveling! Rochelle and I packed our bags, left the comfort of our Toronto nests, and hit the road. This weekend Kvitka is heading to Niagara Falls and touring Eastern Canand while Rochelle is visiting Montreal, making a stop at Osheaga to spice up her weekend experience. Let’s dive in…


I have been planning a trip to the Maritimes in August but when this week’s challenge threw in traveling, I had to include one of my favorite locations in Ontario– the Niagara Falls. A few hot spots to keep in mind are the boat tours which take you right up to the falls. You feel the furry of the waves as water sprinkles your clothes (waterproof makeup is not a bad idea). Get a more personal look of the falls if you dare. The Skylon tower is another A+ location in my books. Journey 175 feet above ground to the Summit Suite restaurant and enjoy a delightful dinner overseeing the Falls. If you are scared of heights, challenge yourself!

1640 Restaraunt in Quebec

Local Boutiques

Chateau Frontenac

Kvitka: The next stop on the map was Quebec City. I have never been to France but I like to think that the Old Town is a close match. Make sure to visit 1640 Restaurant which was actually built over 300 years ago, talk about tasting history! This week has been fascinating and I am so happy to share my experience with you on this blog. Although sitting for hours on the bus is a pain, the adventures are well worth it. Next stop is New Brunswichk
— stay tuned.

Rochelle: I went to Montreal, stayed with my sister and partied at Osheaga this weekend! I decided to spend only one day at the festival because the majority of the acts I wanted to see were on Friday. The next two days were spent dining at fancy restaurants, roaming the city, getting henna tattoos and watching the finale for the weekly summer fireworks competition. Since I also celebrated my birthday this weekend I was surprised by the amount of free things I got in the city–the best one was a huge red velvet cupcake at this little cake shop in Vieux-Montreal!

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Until then,
Rochelle & Kvitka


Challenge #4 A Confusing Tale

This week has been quite hectic and Centre Island was rain checked despite the amazing Toronto weather this weekend. However, we have made a pledge to complete nine Summer Bucket List challenges and this week is no exception. As bloggers, a large portion of our lives is spent online but what happens when we unplug? Challenge #4 was NO Phone Day!


Rochelle unplugged on Saturday and Kvitka unplugged on Sunday

We both admit to feeling a sense of withdrawal when we shut off our devises, realizing that we were dependent on our phones for even the simplest things like checking time. When either one of us spots something “Insta-worthy,” our phones (the sidekicks) are always ready to capture those moments. Out of habit, we actually ended up reaching for them only to walk away from a potential photo opportunity. There’s a good ending though, both of us got accustomed to being phone-less. It felt like a modern age theme of “Survival.” We ended up asking strangers for time, looking up at billboards to check the weather, using pen and paper to write down ideas, and of course having no outside distractions, nagging emails, and an overflowing news feed.

Alright, we admit to cheating a little bit. Kvitka kept the phone off all day except for an emergency family call but she admits to using her phone less these days. Rochelle on the other hand, gave up entirely by 7 o’clock (going cold turkey is tough). Our excuse: the distance from our dear readers was just too much to bear.

Now its your turn! Try shutting your phone off for a day (unless there is an emergency of course). Drop by August 3rd to read our post on this week’s adventure which is to travel outside of our province. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to stay in touch!

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Rochelle & Kvitka

Challenge #3 Complete

Another challenge from our summer bucket list has been completed– a girls’ night sleepover. Rochelle decided to surrender her house for the night to host what will remain one of the highlighting events of the summer for us. Also, we’d like to introduce our mutual bestie, Vanessa!


The evening started with food of course! Rochelle ordered in some dim sum while Kvitka brought the predictable alternative– chips and dip, with Vanessa topping it all off with some delightful pastries. After casually flopping on the couch, we made a serious attempt to enjoy a movie; however, the conversation often turns serious when life talks happen.



Pumped with crackers and cheese, we blasted (well sort of blasted) Dance Revolution and danced along embarrassingly to the most bizarre steps we’ve ever seen. Kvitka being a ballet dancer was entertaining to watch when she tried dance along to hip hop moves (made for some funny snapchats) while Rochelle and Vanessa were simply eye candy.


This was a workout. Our muscles were sore and the only remedy we could think of was to watch a movie, “What’s your Number?” to be precise. Kvitka took periodic naps throughout the movie while the ladies were spotted laughing out loud (LOLing to their max capacity).


As the night settled in, we all followed through with our beauty routines– even 3am cannot stop us from brushing our teeth and cleansing our faces! Off to bed, except not yet… after deep talk at 3am we drifted off to sleep.



The next morning, waking up was a b*#!@h. Rochelle made her special morning breakfast recipe which was absolutely delicious. Her recipe is up on the blog. Overall, the sleepover was a success. We bonded and laughed at our embarrassing stories, naturally offered wanted and unwanted advice for those tricky love situations, and we definitely recommend you give this a try.

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Rochelle & Kvitka

Summerlicious & Challenge #3

So fellow humans, we managed to complete a second item on our Summer Bucket-list! A challenge that was entirely enjoyable, sprinkled with waitress mishaps and a rather pleasant conversation with a gentleman who asked us for a recommendation.


We made a reservation at Insomnia after perusing through a huge list of eateries that are participating in the festival. We arrived early and after a long walk along Bathurst street (that ended with Rochelle buying her first maxi dress) we went in fifteen minutes early and were given first pick of all the seats at the restaurant.

FullSizeRender (3)

The food was absolutely delicious with plenty leftover to take away. As the place got busier, the waitress got slightly flustered and mixed up Rochelle’s dessert order which meant we got free extra dessert, which is always a bonus in our books!


FullSizeRender (5)


Unfortunately, Kvitka couldn’t wait to start on her dark chocolate crème brûlée so we didn’t have a chance to photograph all three together.The restaurant decor was charming which made it a wonderful spot to catch up. Overall, we had a fantastic time!

Now onto our next challenge. The Mason Jar of Epic-ness has spoken and this week we will be having…a girls’ night sleepover. How will this challenge turn out? Disaster or great fun?

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Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka

Challenge #1: COMPLETE

Its time for our Summer Bucket List update!


We celebrated Canada Day in style this year with our close friends at the 2015 Q107 Canada Day Picnic. Now when you think ‘picnic’, its usually an intimate, small gathering, but we were in for quite a surprise this year.


Kvitka’s cheeseburger!


Rochelle’s double cheeseburger!

After an hour long trip to reach our destination at “The Beaches,” we treated ourselves with some Burger Priest hamburgers and let us tell you, our taste buds could not handle the double decker cheeseburger goodness. So delicious!


Aside from catching up on our latest endeavors, news, the latest episode of the Game of Thrones, and of course some drama, we settled at “The Beaches” to await the fireworks. Lounging around, sinking our feet into the sand, chatting away with food in our mouths (how polite), these girls’ night out picnic was a complete success.


Rochelle with her sandy iced coffee 

{Kvitka} Have you ever been to a rave, a concert, or a large gathering? If so, you know that with large crowds, lots of noise is just part of the package. This time around; however, I witnessed the most ironic turn of events.

While we watched the fireworks which mind you, felt like they were going to engulf my face, there was complete silence on the beach with ~400 people. You couldn’t even hear anyone clicking away pictures on their phones. #serenemoment


{Rochelle} It’s been so long since I had a picnic and this one was perfect! As beautiful as the fireworks were, it was the time spent with friends that I found more fun. We found a perfect spot on the beach and since we didn’t know when the fireworks were starting, we came at least an hour and a half earlier and shared a tiny blanket on the wet sand. We were cold and a little worried about rain but it couldn’t have been more perfect if we planned it! Here’s to an awesome summer and many many more of these amazing moments!


We are well on our way to an epicly awesome summer! How did you celebrate Canada Day? If you’re not from Canada, what are your picnic rituals?

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Until next time, 

Rochelle and Kvitka 

Weekly Challenge #2

This time around the Mason Jar of Epic-ness has thrown a wrench into our summer plans by choosing Summerlicious as our next challenge!

summerlicious b-list

For non-Torontonians, Summerlicious is a summer festival where select restaurants have a three course meal with fixed prix which allows a variety of people to sample the set menu within the budget range of $18-$45.

I guess we better get started on reserving seats at a Summerlicious restaurant (hopefully it isn’t all booked up!). We have until July 13 to complete this challenge–wish us luck!

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Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka

Weekly Challenge #1

Happy Monday everyone!

As promised we did our weekly draw from the Mason Jar of Epic-ness and voila! Our challenge for this week is to have a picnic. We have until Monday July 6th to have a picnic and we hope it will be amazing.


Drop by July 6th to read our post on this week’s upcoming picnic. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka

Summer Bucket-list

Hello there,


We were discussing our anticipation for the summer and now that it’s here, we have compiled our Summer Bucket-list to make this summer the most spectacular summer of 2015! We’ve found over the years that we make summer/vacation plans that never actually pan out and we’re left ultimately disappointed at the end of the holidays.

In order to follow through with this plan for an epic summer, we will challenge ourselves with an item on the bucket-list every week for the next nine weeks.

Each week a slip will be picked out of the Mason Jar of Epic-ness on Monday morning and that week, we shall do our very best to accomplish the set goal.

Make sure to check our Instagram page @lipsticktrilogy each Monday to find out our pick of the week and join us on our Summer Adventure!

Until Monday 💋‍

Rochelle & Kvitka