Ten Ways to Save on a Trip!

As Kvitka mentioned, we’re both saving to head down to Europe together next summer. We’re so excited for it that we decided to share some travel advice that’s researched throughly and which we’ll also be putting into action next year! 


During Vacation:

1.Smart and safe money handling: Exchanging money at the country of choice is a popular idea. Exchanging currency at a new country can be unsafe for tourists because of pickpockets, short-changers and you can lose your wad of cash while travelling. Instead consider getting a travellers cheque or use credit cards! MasterCard, Visa and AE are widely accepted and cards are much safer to carry around. Plus you can call your credit card company to cancel a card if stolen or lost!

2. Shopping outside of downtown areas! This is so important in order to avoid tourist traps. Tourists pay way more for stuff than locals do, not because of how low the CAD dollar is but because we’re just overcharged. To avoid this, tread off the beaten path, travel to another smaller, less touristy city and send your money there. I promise the products are exactly the same!


3. Public transport: It’s really the best way to travel. Cars need insurance and fuel and you’ll need to focus on driving instead of what you paid to travel there to do–enjoy the sights! And forget about taxis unless you’re not on a budget, most are ridiculously expensive. If you’re country hopping in Europe, select a base country from where to travel (preferably a cheap one), buy a Eurail Pass and select a train from the thousands that are zooming across the continent. Additionally, countries like Switzerland make their own passes, that give you free access to almost all national/local trains, 400 museums and discounts on much else. Plus, you can get a Youth Discount on both if you’re under 26!


4. Travel light! This is the cardinal rule. Why do you need all that makeup and all those clothes? Think of all those reasons and try and use those excuses when you’re lugging your luggage down staircases, down the train and across the city. Instead, bring chic, versatile pieces you love being photographed in and are comfortable enough to camp out in! Pack light so you have space for that chocolate and cheese you want to cart back home! The Savvy Backpacker is so useful and give excellent advice on travel and packing!


5. Book hotels with complementary breakfast. Seriously, it saves the $$! Sneak a few fruits off the breakfast and you have a light lunch ready to go! 😉 I don’t promote stealing (technically it isn’t because you’re just saving your breakfast for later) but if you’re on a budget, find ways to spend thriftly. Also, if you save up on breakfast and dinner, you get to splurge a little on fancy local cuisine.

6. Hostels, or local hotels (usually outside  of downtown) and  Airbnb’s are your best bet usually. But you can find excellent deals right next to a subway station that will cart you to the city centre in minutes or stay right in the heart of the action for very little-it can be done! Wanna save big bucks and still live comfortably? Research, research and research. Those deals exist, go and find them. Key things to always look for? Free WiFi, complementary breakfasts and private bathrooms. Find all three and you’ve found a keeper. img_7857

7. Make a list of things you want to try like local cuisine, that scary bungee rope jump and that hot air balloon ride in Turkey! All those things don’t come cheap so make an itinerary and a budget plan. Outline the costs, what you’re willing to spend, don’t get caught in tourist trap attractions. You worked hard for that cash, don’t part with it willingly. Also, save up for unique souvenirs that you know you’ll for a long time.

8. If you’re exchanging currency, do it at a legitimate institution and legitimate ATM Otherwise you might get short-changed by sneaky ‘currency-exchange’ people or get hit with huge fees when withdrawing at the ATM. Instead, use credit cards or find a legitimate exchange place on the country’s tourist website with your hotel’s/train station free WiFi.


9. Travel off-season. Kvitka already covered this but it’s pretty important. Find out the best months to travel through Google analysis (Flights) and that’s where you’ll find your best deals. Even if booking with a travel agent, do your own research before booking to see you can find better deals!

10. See if hotel sells bundles for tourists like passes for tourist attractions! Talk to your hotel managers or information desk. Even visit the country’s Tourist Information Centre because they usually have deals and advice ready to hand out (for free!). Also, read reviews for everything before going. Travellers are always honest and eager to share their experience. Have a positive or negative experience? Make sure to give the place a review so others can benefit from your wisdom!

That’s all the advice I’ve amassed this month from my travel research! I really hope you enjoyed this series. It was great fun to write and we hope it’s useful to you. Any questions or comments? Leave ’em in the comment section below!

Until next time,



Highlights of the Week

Morning everyone! Since it’s Friday I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite things this week (in no particular order). Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea; point & laugh or comment & share if you like this post!


#1 Pro-gun Mum shot by her 4 year (non-fatal): I’ll admit I laughed my head off at the library at which I was studying. Frankly, leaving a fully loaded weapon in the backseat with your toddler, with the safety off, is the height of idiocy no matter how well you’ve taught your kid to shoot. To top it off, the woman had bragged about her kid’s skills on the gun range the shooting. You can read Daily Mail’s report on the incident here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3484064/Pro-gun-poster-girl-shot-four-year-old-son-driving-Florida-boy-pistol-seat-truck.html!

#2 Michigan felt the Bern: Bernie Sanders trumped Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary! This is pretty epic because in the test polls, Clinton was always on top with at least a 20 or more lead. Sanders win was a huge upset and shock to the essentially everyone (including the Bern’s party I think)!

#3 International Women’s Day: As you already know, Kvitka and I collaborated with Kaye (Always, Kaye) for IWD! Honestly, it was one of my favourite experiences of this year. The #BeingAWoman was empowering and it made me seriously reflect on the question itself. It had me stumped for over an hour. I had to research in order to formulate my thoughts and all in all, the project did exactly what it was meant to: make us all evaluate our thoughts on feminism in our lives.

#4 Sony might drop Dr. Luke (Rumours): I read several articles by Forbes, Vanity Fair, The Verge and Entertainment Weekly over the last few days that announced that Sony was looking to drop Dr. Luke after the huge #FreeKesha movement. This made me really happy because I support Kesha and firmly believe that no one should be forced to work with someone who allegedly harmed them. Kesha makes music and she has the right to back out of a contract that forces her to work with her alleged assaulter. Unfortunately, Dr. Luke’s attorney has claimed that nothing of the sort has occurred.

#5 Trubama: Buzzfeed says it all actually. There’s apparently a bromance brewing and it is as epic as it sounds. And yes, shipping people together results in fanfiction. If you do Google “Trubama fanfic” please don’t blame me for what you find.


And that’s it for this week’s highlights! I’m thinking of making this a regular series–what do you think? Opinions are always welcome in the comments below!

Until next time,


Travel Winter Bucket-List Challenge

This week we had a very exciting Bucket-List challenge – travelling. Kvitka decided to exchange her Toronto nest for snowy mountain tops and skiing in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Let’s just say it was indeed a true “Family Vacation.” Keep reading to find out more about our adventures last week.


Every year, instead of trading the cold for sunny beaches and a lavished pool side, my family travels up north to Quebec for an annual family skiing trip. This year we were visiting the Mont-Tremblant ski resort which is about one of the most festive locations we have discovered thus far. Only one problem – NO SNOW! From extreme fog to constant rain and ice, skiing became an ordeal. Nevertheless we made the most of it.


Rochelle and I spent Christmas with our families entertaining, eating delicious home made meals, and opening presents. What better way to catch up with family and spend real quality time when you are all cramped in a small hotel room, constantly stepping on each other’s toes. Nevertheless, my New Year’s Resolution is to dedicate more time to family through hmm movie and board game nights.


Boxing Day, need I say more. Oh the line ups and crowds. I think I will hit the sales racks a week from now when the hype has gone down. Witnessing people battling over a sweatshirt was enough to scare me into online shopping on Boxing Day.

Q&A: What do you think about shopping on Boxing Day? Do you participate or wait until next week? Let us know in the comments below.

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

We are wishing you a Happy and Warm New Year  

The Nutcracker

The ballet: seriously old but seriously, enjoyable. I was expecting to fall asleep. It was after all my first time. I was functioning on two hours of sleep and after writing a two and a half hour philosophy exam, I was ready to crash. But no, I was expected to wear my four inch heels and strut my stuff to the Four Seasons where we’d bought tickets to The Nutcracker. With all those things working against me, can you blame me for wanting the ballet to suck?

Fortunately we sat at the highest level in the very last row (worst seats in the house). This was good because we ‘whispered’ to each other the plot throughout the ballet. We discussed the costumes (which were ethereal), we objectified the hot Nutcracker (#sorrynotsorry) and we discussed technical dance moves. It was fun!

 I highly recommend The Nutcracker to any first timer at the ballet. Its very engaging and even if you miss the plot explanation, which we did, the story does become clear. I was surprised that I laughed quite a bit and I did sigh a little when the Nutcracker danced with the Sugar Plum fairy. They all pointed their toes, had faces that showed emotion and danced pretty…maybe I leave the technical critique to Kvitka who is a lifelong ballet dancer and danced an, albiet, minor part in The Nutcracker a few years ago.

Visit the ballet. Trust me. Even though our seats were the ‘worst’ in the house, they still provided us with an excellent view of the stage and enough distance that we could discuss the performance. The dressing up part was great too. I spied several gowns and sky high stilettos pre ballet–surprising because it was a Wednesday!

I’m really glad we checked this off pur bucket list and I can’t wait to complete the rest! Ever been to the ballet? Let us know on the comments below!

Bucket-list, it’s back!

It’s finally December! Can anyone believe how fast 2015 went by? Kvitka and I have spent the better part of 2015 on this beautiful blog. We would love to round out the end of the year with some fun.

What fun you ask? If the title hasn’t already given it away, we’re gonna do an end of the year Christmas/New Year challenge (-cue the cheers)! There’s so many things we wanna do this month before the clock strikes twelve on the 31st.

  1. Tot the Cat Cafe: a spankin’ brand new cafe complete with beautiful adoptable felines. We’re so excited!
  2. Pub crawl: we’re planning on hitting up a bunch of pubs and bars one weekend (or over the course of the entire month). Stay tuned for reviews, new favourite cocktails (Kvitka) and beers (Rochelle).
  3. The One Eighty: this is probably a one time experience because this place is definitely pricey. However, in the holiday spirit, we’re ready to splurge on this gorgeous albeit expensive restaurant.
  4. Skating at Nathan Phillips: No I’ve actually never been and yes that’s embarrassing after 6 years in the 6ix. This one will be super fun and I’m looking forward to showing off my skills on the rink (Skills= falling on my a** ‘gracefully’)
  5. The Brunny: this one is actually close to home at UofT. Rumour has it that the Brunswick House might lose its lease in 2016 so we’re definitely ready to visit one of TO’s historical party sites.
  6. Christmas Market (Distillery District): It’s beautiful and wonderful and cold. Oh and the apple cider is to die for! It’s where I’m going to get my Christmas shopping done. Great place for unique finds and to support local artists!
  7. The Nutcracker (National Ballet of Canada): My first time, Kvitka’s 100th probably. It’s renowned and from all my research, I can tell it’s going to be beautiful!
  8. Last on our list is Travel. This one is a surprise (mostly because we haven’t planned it yet, shhh). One thing you can be sure of is that we’ll be celebrating the New Year’s in style!

Should there be more stuff on our list? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy December!


Challenge #1: COMPLETE

Its time for our Summer Bucket List update!


We celebrated Canada Day in style this year with our close friends at the 2015 Q107 Canada Day Picnic. Now when you think ‘picnic’, its usually an intimate, small gathering, but we were in for quite a surprise this year.


Kvitka’s cheeseburger!


Rochelle’s double cheeseburger!

After an hour long trip to reach our destination at “The Beaches,” we treated ourselves with some Burger Priest hamburgers and let us tell you, our taste buds could not handle the double decker cheeseburger goodness. So delicious!


Aside from catching up on our latest endeavors, news, the latest episode of the Game of Thrones, and of course some drama, we settled at “The Beaches” to await the fireworks. Lounging around, sinking our feet into the sand, chatting away with food in our mouths (how polite), these girls’ night out picnic was a complete success.


Rochelle with her sandy iced coffee 

{Kvitka} Have you ever been to a rave, a concert, or a large gathering? If so, you know that with large crowds, lots of noise is just part of the package. This time around; however, I witnessed the most ironic turn of events.

While we watched the fireworks which mind you, felt like they were going to engulf my face, there was complete silence on the beach with ~400 people. You couldn’t even hear anyone clicking away pictures on their phones. #serenemoment


{Rochelle} It’s been so long since I had a picnic and this one was perfect! As beautiful as the fireworks were, it was the time spent with friends that I found more fun. We found a perfect spot on the beach and since we didn’t know when the fireworks were starting, we came at least an hour and a half earlier and shared a tiny blanket on the wet sand. We were cold and a little worried about rain but it couldn’t have been more perfect if we planned it! Here’s to an awesome summer and many many more of these amazing moments!


We are well on our way to an epicly awesome summer! How did you celebrate Canada Day? If you’re not from Canada, what are your picnic rituals?

Make sure to check our Instagram page @lipsticktrilogy each Monday to find out our pick of the week and join us on our Summer Adventure!

Until next time, 

Rochelle and Kvitka 

Weekly Challenge #2

This time around the Mason Jar of Epic-ness has thrown a wrench into our summer plans by choosing Summerlicious as our next challenge!

summerlicious b-list

For non-Torontonians, Summerlicious is a summer festival where select restaurants have a three course meal with fixed prix which allows a variety of people to sample the set menu within the budget range of $18-$45.

I guess we better get started on reserving seats at a Summerlicious restaurant (hopefully it isn’t all booked up!). We have until July 13 to complete this challenge–wish us luck!

Drop by July 13th to read our post on this week’s upcoming restaurant hunt. Follow us on Instagram @lipstick_trilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka

Inspiration Board for July

Hello there,

Rochelle and I are starting a monthly series called, “Inspiration Board.” At the start of every month, we will be using a memo board to compile photos and articles which have sparked interest. Let’s try something new together!


This is a full compilation of our memo board


  • Crochet- is no longer reserved just for serviettes, it is making a grand appearance in summer fashion collections. Its intricate detail is an instant statement piece.
  • Beads- jumping onto the bandwagon, we will be spicing up our outfits with beaded and embroidered pieces. The rustic, folk resemblance is very  fresh and appealing.


A closer look at the food and health category

  Food and Health 

  • Avocado- I am not a fan of avocados and am good at avoiding them. Due to their high potassium and fiber contents, I will be incorporating them into my meals. If you have some suggestions, leave a recipe in the comments.   
  • Smottie- I have been on a health kick, drinking homemade smoothies every evening. Now I will be adding spinach leaves and the above toppings for extra health benefits.
  • Summer Bucket List- is a must for a fulfilling summer experience. From these articles, we will be adding the Ripley’s Aquarium and hiking to our lists (hint, hint).


A closer look at the hair and beauty category

 Beauty and Hair 

  • Half bun- with shorter hair, my styling ideas are starting to dwindle. This effortless half bun is a unique spin on a classic ballerina bun and a trend I am willing to try.
  • Light weight makeup- I will be experimenting with a minimal/simplistic makeup look with sun kissed cheeks (not rosy), lightly filled browns, and bronzer as eye shadow.
  • Dry shampoo- I started using the Moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner to recover the damage done by cold winter months. Since hair gets oilier faster in the summer, I will be giving the Moroccanoil dry shampoo a chance to prevent frequent hair washes.

We would love to hear from you, what has inspired you this month? Let us know in the comments. You can also keep in touch with out adventures via Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram @lipstick_trilogy. 

– Kisses, Kvitka –

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos found on the memo board and notebook were cut out from the ElleCanada, Chatelaine, and OntarioTravel magazines. You can visit these sources' webpage by clicking on their titles.

Outfit of the Week: Canada Day In Style


Canada Day- the day when Canadians celebrate their inner Canadian-ness by wearing red and white, donning our nicest smiles, cheering for the Leafs (in Toronto) and drowning our pancakes with maple syrup.

Fortunately Kvitka and I love reppin’ the red and white so we complied a bunch of photos to show you guys how to look this fabulous on Canada Day!


First, get your dance on! Grab your red velvet cupcakes from the oven/bakery and be ready to party. My pretty mini cupcake is from BakeSale Toronto and it was delicious.


Second, you’ll need those pretty smiles handy. My top is from Aerie, navy pants from Calvin Klein and wedges from Sears.


Third, sunglasses are a must on sunny days. Plus, look at this pair with gold cat-eye accents! They were just begging to be bought (Call it Spring).


Lastly, you’ll need your favourite bag to cart about all those essentials like your pocket sized maple syrup bottle and those hockey sticks (sarcasm alert–we do NOT carry those things around…usually)!

I hope you enjoy Canada Day! Kvitka & I will be checking out the Toronto Ribfest, so make sure to say hi if you see us there! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.

Until next time,


Weekly Challenge #1

Happy Monday everyone!

As promised we did our weekly draw from the Mason Jar of Epic-ness and voila! Our challenge for this week is to have a picnic. We have until Monday July 6th to have a picnic and we hope it will be amazing.


Drop by July 6th to read our post on this week’s upcoming picnic. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka

Summer Bucket-list

Hello there,


We were discussing our anticipation for the summer and now that it’s here, we have compiled our Summer Bucket-list to make this summer the most spectacular summer of 2015! We’ve found over the years that we make summer/vacation plans that never actually pan out and we’re left ultimately disappointed at the end of the holidays.

In order to follow through with this plan for an epic summer, we will challenge ourselves with an item on the bucket-list every week for the next nine weeks.

Each week a slip will be picked out of the Mason Jar of Epic-ness on Monday morning and that week, we shall do our very best to accomplish the set goal.

Make sure to check our Instagram page @lipsticktrilogy each Monday to find out our pick of the week and join us on our Summer Adventure!

Until Monday 💋‍

Rochelle & Kvitka

Outfit of the Week: I Spy a Girls’ Night Out


Jacket: Sophisticates, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Dynamite, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Dynamite, Purse: Nine West

This week started off full of surprises—the good kind. One of them was a surprise visit from an old friend. Together we relived our old childhood memories, caught up on the latest endeavours in our lives, and laughed at embarrassing stories of each other. We share a passion for photography, hence voila, here is a sneak peek of our ‘photoshoot’.





Let us know, “What is your favorite activity to do with friends?”

-Kisses, Kvitka-

Photo of the Week: Its all Fun and Games

FullSizeRender (5)

This weekend our families celebrated Father’s Day with lots of delicious food, fun drinks, and lots and lots of family time. The take away was that it took celebrations like these to see how invaluable someone can be in your life. The best thank you card in this case is just quality time, laughs, memory lanes, and well… board games!

Outfit of the Week: Casual Stripes


Top: Map to Mars (Aeropostale), Jeans: American Eagle, Sandals: Target, Necklace: Ardene, Rings: Forever 21, Backpack: Fossil

This week we launched A Lipstick Trilogy and have been keeping busy by putting together the finishing touches ever since. Frequent meetings and brainstorming called for a girls day.


The outfit Rochelle is modelling is a casual yet polished look. The red lips and heart necklace dress up the look while the cropped jeans give it a laid back feel. Try tucking your tops into the bottoms to show off your gorgeous figure.




A Lipstick Trilogy 

Photo of the Week: Flower Power


This strand tea recipe– stay tuned!

This weekend we gave this beautiful tea recipe a shot and it was delicious.