The Nutcracker

The ballet: seriously old but seriously, enjoyable. I was expecting to fall asleep. It was after all my first time. I was functioning on two hours of sleep and after writing a two and a half hour philosophy exam, I was ready to crash. But no, I was expected to wear my four inch heels … More The Nutcracker

Weekly Challenge #2

This time around the Mason Jar of Epic-ness has thrown a wrench into our summer plans by choosing Summerlicious as our next challenge! For non-Torontonians, Summerlicious is a summer festival where select restaurants have a three course meal with fixed prix which allows a variety of people to sample the set menu within the budget … More Weekly Challenge #2

Summer Bucket-list

Hello there, We were discussing our anticipation for the summer and now that it’s here, we have compiled our Summer Bucket-list to make this summer the most spectacular summer of 2015! We’ve found over the years that we make summer/vacation plans that never actually pan out and we’re left ultimately disappointed at the end of … More Summer Bucket-list

Outfit of the Week: I Spy a Girls’ Night Out

This week started off full of surprises—the good kind. One of them was a surprise visit from an old friend. Together we relived our old childhood memories, caught up on the latest endeavours in our lives, and laughed at embarrassing stories of each other. We share a passion for photography, hence voila, here is a sneak peek of … More Outfit of the Week: I Spy a Girls’ Night Out