Photo of the Week: Healthy Chips?

I was on my way to buy some apples at the local grocery store when these packs of crispy apple chips were spotted in the fruits isle. Chips and organics in the same isle?


Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips

Dried apple chips are a filling alternative to potato chips, first, because you know what is going into your mouth– apples. No worries, these aren’t soggy or tasteless. On the contrary, dried apples have the crunchiness of potato chips and the health benefits of added fibre and vitamins A and C (needed for bone and skin health).

Don’t believe us? Well, if there’s a craving coming, give crispy apple chips a try.

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– Kisses, Kvitka –


Photo of the Week: Its all Fun and Games

FullSizeRender (5)

This weekend our families celebrated Father’s Day with lots of delicious food, fun drinks, and lots and lots of family time. The take away was that it took celebrations like these to see how invaluable someone can be in your life. The best thank you card in this case is just quality time, laughs, memory lanes, and well… board games!

Photo of the Week: Flower Power


This strand tea recipe– stay tuned!

This weekend we gave this beautiful tea recipe a shot and it was delicious.