OOTD Spring: Light-wash Denim 

You know it’s officially spring when cherry blossoms bloom in High Park and I can store away my vibrant, obnoxiously purple jacket. This season, I am expanding my faux-leather jacket collection, pastel colored pants, and actually adding skirts to my wardrobe. With that, I have also downsized my closet to only leave room for essentials and some fancier pieces. Here I am rocking some denim at the Old Mill park where Rochelle and I have decided on a new ritual, walks and talks. First trip was 6km and only took us 3h. Good luck and have fun this spring. 


OOTW: Post Holiday Fashion Feels

With exam season over and the holidays officially over, it is definitely a let down that warm, comfy PJs are not an appropriate day to day look. I have already taken out those heavy duty winter coats because being an ‘instagramable’ fashionista is falling back on my priority list with every fallen degree Celsius. I love the art of layering so here is a look at my go to pieces on those heavy snow days (PS: light leather jackets underneath are totally an appropriate way to keep warm). Do not be fooled by zero snow and grass, it was cold… What are some of your go to winter fashion pieces and accessories?

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)

What are your fall essentials? 

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~Kisses, Kvitka~

Bringing Green Back

Last weekend Toronto definitely noticed a drop in temperatures which meant bringing our light blazers and cover-ups out of hibernation. I decided to dress up my beloved khaki green Zara t-shirt (très comfortable!) with my new silk Attitude blazer. The green on green ensemble definitely did not clash and I love my cute gold and black belt that added a little more oomph to my outfit. Navy blue loafers, a little red bag and 3/4 boyfriend jeans toned down and complimented the look.






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Outfit of the Week: Last Days of Summer


Autumn is right around the corner, so Rochelle and I are trying to make the most of our last days of summer. Soon I will be switching out florals and summer dresses for boots and sweaters (and hot Starbucks drinks of course). To make for a very productive summer, we have started a Summer Bucket List challenge which so far has been a success. You can definitely read all about our adventures every Monday. Now, how was your summer? Did you travel anywhere or try something epic? Tell us in the comments below.  


FullSizeRender (16)

FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (13)

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“What is your favorite summer piece?”

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

Starbucks and a book make perfect days!


Like Kvitka, I too enjoy saving big while buying the best. This top is a perfect example because it only cost me five dollars! Yes, you read that correctly. It was bought three years ago at a nearby Zellers that was unfortunately closing down. My tip to all you bargain hunters out there: clearance sales and end of season sales are your best friends! Who doesn’t love a good sale? The book I am reading is Dune by Frank Herbert–watch out for its review which will be coming your way soon!


Sunglasses from Call it Spring, top from Zellers, shorts from Aritizia and shoes from Aldo.




Hope you guys enjoyed these photos of me awkwardly posing in a parking lot. There’s unfortunately a lot more where that came from. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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Outfit of the Week: Garden Camouflage

FullSizeRender (17)

Top: Dynamite, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Geox

For those who are curious, my name Kvitka means “Flower” in my native language. Any item of clothing I choose to wear with a floral print is also followed with playful teasing from friends. These pants are no exception to the usual. They are a bold statement that as my father jokes around, “Can camouflage with flower fields.”

FullSizeRender (16)

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (15)


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Outfit of the Week: Canada Day In Style


Canada Day- the day when Canadians celebrate their inner Canadian-ness by wearing red and white, donning our nicest smiles, cheering for the Leafs (in Toronto) and drowning our pancakes with maple syrup.

Fortunately Kvitka and I love reppin’ the red and white so we complied a bunch of photos to show you guys how to look this fabulous on Canada Day!


First, get your dance on! Grab your red velvet cupcakes from the oven/bakery and be ready to party. My pretty mini cupcake is from BakeSale Toronto and it was delicious.


Second, you’ll need those pretty smiles handy. My top is from Aerie, navy pants from Calvin Klein and wedges from Sears.


Third, sunglasses are a must on sunny days. Plus, look at this pair with gold cat-eye accents! They were just begging to be bought (Call it Spring).


Lastly, you’ll need your favourite bag to cart about all those essentials like your pocket sized maple syrup bottle and those hockey sticks (sarcasm alert–we do NOT carry those things around…usually)!

I hope you enjoy Canada Day! Kvitka & I will be checking out the Toronto Ribfest, so make sure to say hi if you see us there! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.

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Outfit of the Week: I Spy a Girls’ Night Out


Jacket: Sophisticates, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Dynamite, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Dynamite, Purse: Nine West

This week started off full of surprises—the good kind. One of them was a surprise visit from an old friend. Together we relived our old childhood memories, caught up on the latest endeavours in our lives, and laughed at embarrassing stories of each other. We share a passion for photography, hence voila, here is a sneak peek of our ‘photoshoot’.





Let us know, “What is your favorite activity to do with friends?”

-Kisses, Kvitka-

Outfit of the Week: Casual Stripes


Top: Map to Mars (Aeropostale), Jeans: American Eagle, Sandals: Target, Necklace: Ardene, Rings: Forever 21, Backpack: Fossil

This week we launched A Lipstick Trilogy and have been keeping busy by putting together the finishing touches ever since. Frequent meetings and brainstorming called for a girls day.


The outfit Rochelle is modelling is a casual yet polished look. The red lips and heart necklace dress up the look while the cropped jeans give it a laid back feel. Try tucking your tops into the bottoms to show off your gorgeous figure.




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