Instrumental music, Thanksgiving and an apology

Hello everyone! Hope all you Canadians out there had a wonderful thanksgiving and for all you Americans, sucks that you have to wait another month for that Butterball turkey! Last week was a toughie for Kvitka and myself because we were swamped with commitments: work, university, family and social life, which meant we took a … More Instrumental music, Thanksgiving and an apology

Music Videos Faux Pas

In recent years I have completely dismissed music videos. With such a revelation, here is an explanation. Often times, watching a music video changes the meaning of the song I have envisioned or quite the contrary, I find that they seem to have no meaning. Although I’m sparing myself the potential disappointment, I have noticed … More Music Videos Faux Pas

Have You Heard?

This week my most played song on my Spotify playlist was Phoebe Ryan’s Ignition/Do You (Mashup)! It’s a beautiful song that was coincidentally first sung by R. Kelly in 2003. Both versions are fun and addictive so take your pick below: Until next time, Rochelle

Voice of the Week

A few weeks ago, while I spent a day at Osheaga, I finally saw one of my favourite singers George Ezra. He gave an amazing live performance and his voice is second to none. Unfortunately, there were many in the crowd who did not recognise him and some even left because they didn’t really appreciate … More Voice of the Week

Eurovision Fandom 

Growing up, Eurovision was the music event of the year. Countries compete for the title and honour of hosting next year’s Eurovision, some friendly competition to unify European countries for the night. The lyrics to some of the songs can be considered “cheesy” and translations into English can get, let’s just say– creative but we … More Eurovision Fandom 

Laid Back Feels

This week we are recommending “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake. Quite an unexpected choice for us but this is the perfect,upbeat summer tune to include in your playlist. The beat has a laid back feel while dancing along is inevitable during the chorus. Give it a listen, you will not be disappointed (we … More Laid Back Feels

‘Unique’ Taste

Recently, I have been informed that I am very picky when it comes to music, with a taste that is nearly impossible to pinpoint. Although I disagree, the criteria is simple– I must hear the real, organic sound of instruments. To give you a little preview, here is my current favourite: “Edge of Something” by … More ‘Unique’ Taste

Radio Gem

Just heard Rachel Platten sing Fight Song on the radio in the car and after jamming to it with the windows rolled down, we simply had to add it to our Upbeat Spotify playlist! It’s a great, catchy and positive song. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard it already! It’ll be on repeat this … More Radio Gem