Fika Cafe Review

Rochelle and I have recently visited the Fika cafe in Kensington Market and it has quickly grown to be a favourite. You can call it love at first sight almost. We had amazing company and of course our cafe expert Rachel (you can check out her gorgeous Instagram @cafecatalogue) has recommended this place to us. … More Fika Cafe Review

Chocolate Cake Tiramisu with Bailey’s Salted Caramel Irish Cream!

This Easter weekend I decided to experiment for our family dinner dessert. My sister and I are in charge of cooking for all holiday dinners and I wanted to treat my family to something special. I like to think of this recipe as my very own baby because I created it from three other recipes. … More Chocolate Cake Tiramisu with Bailey’s Salted Caramel Irish Cream!

Christmas Cookie Recipe for your Holiday Sweet-tooth

I am the first to admit to having an uncontrollable holiday sweet-tooth especially when all the goodies go on sale after the holidays. This is my season to splurge on candy and then work relentlessly at the gym afterwards. However, I found an alternative – homemade cookies where you know the ingredients going in and … More Christmas Cookie Recipe for your Holiday Sweet-tooth

Dinner in the Dark

This weekend, Kvitka and I (along with a six of our friends) decided to try out O’Noir for her birthday dinner. The restaurant boasts a setting that allows diners a look into the world of the visually impaired. Essentially diners eat in the dark and by dark, I mean as dark as the inside of … More Dinner in the Dark

Game Night Reinvented

I envision a table with five different types of forks and knives, dim lights, overpriced wine, and awkward silence while everyone is munching on their food. Although this scenario can receive a nomination for “Most Boring Plot Line Ever,” your dinner party, staff social, or date night doesn’t have to be. We introduce you to … More Game Night Reinvented