Skincare for Dry Skin!

Today let’s discuss skin care routines. My skin type is dry. Yup, that’s it–just dry. I get the occasional zit or oily t-zone (very rare) but my main concern is my constant skin dryness. It always affects my makeup routine because dry flakes break up my foundation and it’s just a mess. So with the lack of skin care routines for dry skin I’ve decided to share mine with you lovelies.

#1: I spend the entire day ensuring I drink 8 or more glasses of water. Hydration hydration hydration. I’ll probably die with, “She hydrated” on my tombstone.

#2: After a long day of work, I come home and immediately take off my makeup with a Kirkland makeup wipe–they’re the best makeup wipes I’ve ever used and they take off the toughest waterproof mascaras. I swear by these babies. Plus, Costco!!

#3: Then, twice a week I indulge in a mask. I prefer Origins for my skin care–their Out of Trouble 10 Min Mask to Rescue Problem Skin and their Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask are my favourites! I suggest buying them in travel size because they’re cheaper, you can travel with them and they last a long time! If I half zero time, I choose an exfoliating scrub. While I wait for the mask to work, I catch up on the news, do some light reading or just meditate with my favourite music. It’s my favourite time of day.

Photo on 14-04-16 at 11.13 PM

Me, with my 10 Min Mask!

#4: Then, I wet a face cloth with warm water and rub off my mask with small circles. The warm water heats up the dry mask and makes it more malleable. After it’s off, I rinse with water and pat dry. Massaging the skin is the a key trick for youthful, healthy skin. Lisa Eldridge swears by it!

#5: I then use my Body Shop Tea tree Oil on problem spots. It works wonders for zits, red areas etc. I highly recommend this for anyone with annoying scars or random zits.

#6: Then I zoom in with the only moisturiser that works for me. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is my daytime and night-time moisturiser. It’s lovely and my tube lasted me for little over three months. I will definitely buy again!

#7: I’ve been converted to face oils recently with my sample size Seaberry Oil. I add four drops to my moisturiser. It makes my skin supple and it’s improved the slight hyper-pigmentation I have around my nose. But it’s way too expensive for an undergrad with student loans. So Costco’s saved me again with a bulk pack of Bio-Oil! Bio-oil is my newest go-to facial oil. It’s advertised as an oil for stretch marks, scars and dehydrated skin. It works just as well as the Seaberry Oil, if not better. A $20 pack of two bottles vs. the $60 price tag on the Seaberry Oil is a huge bonus!

#8: I then go in with my Josie Maran Creamy Oil on any visible dry patches or problem areas. And I work it into my lips. Bonus tip: it’s lovely on cheekbones as a glowy highlighter effect when you’re going for a natural hydrated look in the morning!

#9: I end my routine with an intensive hand cream, like my Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Going to bed with an intensive hand cream ensures you wake up with soft hands!

That’s it–I usually skip a few steps on a regular day. But after a hard week, this is my go-to routine! I hope this helps for those of you seeking a hydrating skin care process. Any tips and comments? Love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Mani Haven for Valentine’s Day

On New Years Eve, we visited the Her Majesty’s Pleasure to get pampered for the evening. After hearing amazing reviews about this beauty haven, we booked a mani session immediately. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is not only a beauty and spa destination, it also features a bar, cafe, lounge, and a boutique in its Downtown location. We were very pleased, walking out with our manis (trying to look cool and collected). Here are our thoughts.

| Variety: 10/10 | Prices: $$ | Service: **** |


This was our second time getting our nails done professionally. Although we had difficulty booking our appointments online, our experience at Her Majesty’s Pleasure was amazing.




Mani: 10/10

When I do my own nails, let’s just say that it is like the point of no return; therefore, getting my nails done professionally was an exhilarating time for me. Rochelle and I signed up for the Signature mani which includes filing, cuticle care, a hand massage, and polish for 30min at a rate of $35. The polish has stayed on for a week with zero chipping or damage, withstanding everything I threw at them like champs (cleaning, typing).



Atmosphere: 9/10

Walking through the front doors really makes you feel like royalty. The modern metallic design harmonized very well with the rustic wooden details, we basically walked into modern day Little France. Overall, each section of the salon had its own vibe, from rustic in the entry way to beachy for the padi section, 60s “Hairspray” in the hair salon, and girly for the manis.




Menu: 7/10

How classy were Rochelle and I sipping on Prosecco while our nails were being filed, it was like a scene from a movie (literally). Although overpriced, the bar and cafe offer a limited yet delicious variety of options from macarons to croissants and scones, small finger food as for a boost of energy.

To visit Her Majesty’s Website for more information visit:

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Q&A: Do you prefer getting your nails done or an at home spa and why?


RHW Makeup!

It’s no secret I love makeup but I also go for a subtle natural look. For me, Lisa Eldridge happens to be the one makeup artist who has perfected the natural look. Two days ago she posted a video with one of the other queens of makeup’s signature look. Here’s the DIY video with Rose Huntington-Whitley and Lisa Eldridge to brighten and inspire your Friday:


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Nails for every Season

This is a really short post because there really isn’t much I can say about nail polish! There are so many nail colours out there I find it difficult to choose one that matches my skin tone and works with the season. However I’ve decided to no longer pay attention to season appropriate nail colours!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.41.38 pm

Usually, fashionistas advice that people should wear bright colours in the summer and neutrals in the winter. I do the exact opposite. My reasoning is simple: why do summer days need brightening when it is the winter days that are cold and dull? The way I see it, neutral nail colours work really well in the summer months because they go with all the bright attire one wears in the summer. Similarly, bright nail colours are flashy and bright against the black, grey or navy winter coats that people usually wear in the winter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.40.37 pm

So switch it up people! Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you like and you’re feeling like painting your nails this week. There are no hard and fast rules to beauty, so do what you like beautiful!

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Give Your Makeup Brushes some Love

I am not a professional makeup artist but I do strongly believe that owning quality makeup brushes will somehow improve my skills. Realistically, my smokey eye look still resembles raccoon eyes. After experimenting with shadows and BB creams this summer, my brushes are in dire need of a clean up. Here are some of my tips for taking care/washing your makeup brushes. 

FullSizeRender (12)


♥ I clean my makeup brushes once a month but it will vary depending on how often you    use them and of course the number of brushes in your collection.

♥ Cleaning brushes will eliminate the bacteria which has accumulated with regular use.

♥ If you have a collection going on, try separating the used brushes from the       clean      ones using vases or other pieces of home decor. This prevents frequent cleaning.

Clean up:

My cousin has shared the magic of effectively cleaning makeup brushes but I have also gathered some of my own tips along the way. Here is how I get my makeup brushes clean. 

FullSizeRender (10)

I start off with some warm water. After dipping my brushes in, I continue to move them in circular motions on the palm of my hand. This gets the residue off but we’re not done quite yet since we need to deep clean the brushes as well.


I use baby shampoo or baby shower gel to deep clean the brushes. (If it works with a baby’s gentle and sensitive skin, it will definitely do the trick for your brushes). Pouring about half a teaspoon into my palm, I swirl the brush in circular motions.


Usually I repeat this step three times or until the liquid drained from the brush is clear. I make sure to avoid getting the part where the bristles are connected to the handle wet. This will loosen the hold glue has on the bristles.

FullSizeRender (11)

The next step is to drain the water from the brushes and to smooth out the bristles back to their original shape. We don’t want any loose strands hanging out.


Line a paper towel and allow the brushes to air dry. Now they don’t only look brand new but they smell delightful and are pleasing to the touch.

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Roses, Lilies, Jasmines: So many Perfumes!

Choosing perfumes can be very difficult. Last week I finished my small bottle of Chloé perfume and instead of restocking on the bottle, I decided to try a new one. There are so many fragrances, it’s completely overwhelming selecting a single one! I always buy a small bottle of a fragrance because I notice my tastes always change and I don’t wish to be stuck with a massive bottle of perfume that I hate.

Daisy Dior

Fragrances are tricky to buy. Never gift a bottle, unless you know the person really well. When trying to narrow down choices, I suggest spraying a little on your wrist, wearing it for a while and then decide afterwards if you actually like it. Perfumes tend to smell different after time passes and your nose may either hate or love the smell after passing some time with odour.

Meyer Blooms 2

I ended up selecting Meyer Blooms from Anthropologie this time around. I love the scent- it’s sharp, with citrus, floral notes and it fades beautifully into a sweet light scent. Any suggestions as to what I should try the next time around? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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Strobing: The new frontier of the makeup world

I’ve recently been made aware of a ‘new’ technique known as strobing which is the gentler cousin to the heavy duty process of conturing. I actually love conturing. I think it’s awfully fun and it defines facial features really well. However, conturing is a little difficult for some and is actually a little heavy for the summer months. Strobing is a perfect and easy alternative!

You can use a cream or powder highlighter. Since I have dry skin, I usually use a heavy moisturizer under any makeup which makes creamy makeup pointless. All you have to do is brush a tiny amount of highlighter onto your cheekbones and under your brow bone. Apply another small amount to the centre line of your nose and a a fraction of that amount to your philtrum.image

Remember, do not go overboard on the glitter. Use this Lisa Eldridge video to guide your steps and keep in mind, if you glitter like Edward Cullen, you’ve probably overdone it. Natural makeup is key this summer.

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Face sheet masks: Effective or not?


This week we will be discussing our love for face sheet masks and if these beauty products are actually effective or if it’s all in our heads. Personally I am quite partial to the Face Shop for its face masks that come in a variety of extracts like Olive, Mung Bean and Kelp.

Being of the dry skin variety, I only use the ones that have the little drop at the top right hand corner of the package. Or I use the ones that claim extracting and purifying qualities. I’ve never noticed a single difference when using either. I am neither moisturised for long nor do I notice my skin especially purified. However, for at least two hours, my skin feels luxurious and supple because a) I’ve taken time to take care of it and b) the product works in a small capacity for at least a little bit.IMAG5599

Happily, at two dollars a package and sometimes at three dollars for three, you cannot go wrong when you buy a Face Shop mask. I definitely will keep buying because even though I use it rarely, it makes my skin feel like a princess and it’s so easy to use! Just leave it on your face for 15 minutes or more while doing whatever you want, then take it off and pat the excess into your skin. The brand also claims to follow a natural products policy. I am a little suspicious about that because of the fragrance used in the products but at that those prices, I’m not complaining.

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Running Late? Be out in 5

Being a very timely person, I usually leave just 30 minutes to get ready and leave out the door each morning after waking up. With such a straining time limit, my 5 minute makeup is usually simple, natural, but still tasteful. When you wake up late or need to do some touch ups, remember these quick and easy steps.  


MINUTE 1-2– The Base


The first step is to moisturize and apply sunscreen (during the summer). Since I do not like to use foundation, I prefer to use concealer to cover some imperfections and as an eye shadow primer.

MINUTE 3– Brows and Cheeks 


Filling in the brows with a brow pencil. To define my cheekbones, I use a light hand to apply bronzer. I do not use foundation so there is no need for blush since our cheeks are already rosy.

MINUTE 4– The Eyes 


I use creamy eye shadows or eye shadow sticks as a base (and for the inner corners of the eye and brow arch) because of their easy application. To create some dimension with the look, for my crease I use a bronzer and blend away.

MINUTE 5– Lashes and Lips 


Curl the lashes and apply mascara. Currently I have been using two mascaras by Maybelline. A review is available on the blog (link to this post). Apply lipstick/gloss and you’re ready to go.

Voila, a 5 minute look that is simplistic yet polished. Were hoping you will give it a try next time you feel a time strain. I try to change up my lipstick and eye shadow colours to always keep the look fresh.

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Makeup $$$ Saver

Hello smart shopper,

When I’m looking for an affordable yet quality mascara, Maybelline is my go to because they have a wide selection of wand bristles. Recently I experimented with the Rocket Volum’ Express and the Colossal Volum’ Express mascaras. Try using them together! 


Left: The Rocket Volum’ Express, Right: The Colossal Volum’ Express

These mascaras perform two different functions for your lashes but what I discovered is that combining them gave me the most desirable look. Here are the before and afters. 

IMG_2489           IMG_2490

Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express

{Pro} This waterproof mascara creates the appearance of fuller, more voluminous lashes. Unlike the Colossal Express, it does not dry up quickly in the tube.

{Con} Having short lashes, this mascara doesn’t create the appearance of lengthened or extended lashes. In fact the weight of the mascara causes the curled lash to fall.

IMG_2489      IMG_2491

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express

{Pro} The wand is curled allowing you to coat the whole lash line. Furthermore, its spectacular how much this mascara lengthens and separates my lashes from clumps.

{Con} Although the lashes look much longer and well separated, the mascara does not create the appearance of voluminous lashes. They appear very fine and unnoticeable.

IMG_2489   IMG_2492

Mascaras Combined 

Combining them has the benefits of long, separated lashes and greater fullness and volume. Tip: work on one lash line at a time. I apply the Colossal Express first and then follow up with the heavier Rocket Express mascara.

Have you tried out these mascaras, what are your opinions? Let us know in the comments. You can also keep in touch with out adventures via Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram @lipstick_trilogy. 

– Kisses, Kvitka –

Summer Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

FullSizeRender (2)

Summer is in full swing, but is your makeup collection all caught up? In the spirit of summer, it is time to brighten up and freshen up your vanity drawer by trying out these three summer beauty products—a BB cream, bright lip, and colourful eye liners.





During those hot summer days, try substituting your daily foundation for an SPF containing BB cream. A BB cream provides light to medium coverage but it still illuminates and moisturises the skin without the heavy feeling of foundation.



The best way to seal off a look is with a bright lip– think pinks and oranges. Since your lips will be the center of attention, you can reduce the amount of product you apply to your face and eyes which is perfect for those hot summer days.



The most dramatic way to change up your makeup look is by exchanging a classic black eye liner for brighter shades. Brighter colours add an instant pop to your eyes, so I usually go for a neutral lip. (Hint, hint: using eye shadows as liners is a money saver).

If you decide to give these suggestions a go, share your moment with us   @lipstick_trilogy on your Instagram photo. Leave a comment sharing your thoughts,

“What are your summer essentials?”

-Kisses, Kvitka-

Makeup Bag Essentials


We all have those friends that carry heavy-duty foundations and a million lipsticks in their bags. Yesterday I realised that both Kvitka and I were surprisingly good at carting around only the essentials. I decided to compile a list of those ten essential makeup items I never leave the house without:

Image 3

Moisturiser–I have dry skin all year round and you will never catch me without a travel size tube in my bags!

Image 4

Primers are brilliant at toning down redness or reducing the appearance of that surprise zit. I always have a small tube in my carry-on makeup kit.

Image 1

BB Creams are such a lifesaver! My BB is by GOSH and I love it. It’s easy to apply and sometimes, on a good skin day, I don’t even need moisturiser underneath it. They cover up imperfections all while looking natural= makeup essential.

Image 5

Concealers are fantastic with or without a base underneath. Sometimes, I only use my NARS concealer by itself without any other product on my face. It’s blend-able with fingers making it a must on my top 10 list!

Image 6

A quad palette like this one by Revlon (Decadent) contains mattes and shimmers. It’s convenient when you don’t have time to head home to change for a day to night look. It is tiny and fits perfectly into my small carry-on kit!

Image 7

This was a present from my sister and I love it. It’s a two-sided Urban Decay eyeliner pencil. One side is a matte black and the other, an electric blue. It’s long-lasting, smudge proof and absolutely fantastic for a classic or fun look on the go.

Image 8

Another gift (this time from Kvitka), this small bronzer/highlighter duo by L’oréal suits my skin tone perfectly. It contours without being obvious and is small enough to carry around for touch ups.

Image 10

This was part of my free birthday present from Sephora. It’s a travel sized mascara from Makeup Forever. It’s doesn’t clump, lengthens my lashes and is convenient for carrying around. A win in my essentials kit!

Image 11

This is my new Anthropologie Albeit (Azalea) lipstick in bright pink. I switch up my lipsticks/pencils based on the season. This summer, this is my go-to lip colour and its beautiful 20’s packaging makes it perfect for lipstick application in public

Image 12

Lastly, I never leave without a roll on perfume or travel size spray on in my bag. I love a light, fresh scent that I can carry around. This one is a Fleurs bottle from Anthropologie.

If you decide to give any of these suggestions a go, share it with us by tagging @lipstick_trilogy on your Instagram photo. Leave us comment below to share your thoughts on,

What’s in your essential makeup kit?