RHW Makeup!

It’s no secret I love makeup but I also go for a subtle natural look. For me, Lisa Eldridge happens to be the one makeup artist who has perfected the natural look. Two days ago she posted a video with one of the other queens of makeup’s signature look. Here’s the DIY video with Rose … More RHW Makeup!

Strobing: The new frontier of the makeup world

I’ve recently been made aware of a ‘new’ technique known as strobing which is the gentler cousin to the heavy duty process of conturing. I actually love conturing. I think it’s awfully fun and it defines facial features really well. However, conturing is a little difficult for some and is actually a little heavy for the summer … More Strobing: The new frontier of the makeup world

Makeup $$$ Saver

Hello smart shopper, When I’m looking for an affordable yet quality mascara, Maybelline is my go to because they have a wide selection of wand bristles. Recently I experimented with the Rocket Volum’ Express and the Colossal Volum’ Express mascaras. Try using them together!  These mascaras perform two different functions for your lashes but what I discovered is … More Makeup $$$ Saver

Makeup Bag Essentials

We all have those friends that carry heavy-duty foundations and a million lipsticks in their bags. Yesterday I realised that both Kvitka and I were surprisingly good at carting around only the essentials. I decided to compile a list of those ten essential makeup items I never leave the house without: If you decide to … More Makeup Bag Essentials