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When I was a little girl, my mum had no clue that her 5 year old loved striding about in her heels, smearing lipstick all over her little face and layering up all her precious jewellery.

It was later in life that I realized that my mother was a fan of DIY before it even became a thing. She would be experimenting with fabrics and textures while I would use the scraps to make tiny outfits for my Barbie dolls.

These episodes in my life have transformed into a full-fledged passion and now, this blog has become that little girl’s haven.

What is fashion for me? It’s simple freedom.


Unfortunately, I have nothing important to say about myself. I am as indecisive as they come and I cannot decide whether I should refer to my obsession with books, TV-shows, movies, art or bookmarks when talking about myself. In fact, there’s a lot to choose from and you have my permission to take your pick from the options below: 

  1. I am 4 feet & 9 inches.
  2. I am interested in making the world a better place and therefore, study Political Science, French Studies & Bioethics.
  3. I passionately believe that Mindy Kaling is a goddess.
  4. My Patronus would be a wolf.
  5. If Jane Austen were alive, we’d be besties.
  6. Lastly, I hate Instagram because it shows the world how in love I am with myself.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. sincerelysammy says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog! I’m looking forward to looking around some more. Also, Rochelle, I think it’s great to show the world how much you love yourself! I think that’s very admirable and I wish my instagram reflected that kind of self-love (instead, I don’t update it for months at a time because it’s a rare occasion for me to take a picture I actually like).

    And I absolutely agree with you about Mindy Kaling! 🙂


    • lipsticktrilogy says:

      Thank you so much Sammy! Tbh confidence is hard to come by but start slow and basically ‘fake it till you make it’ should be your anthem. You are as confident as you portray yourself, so go ahead and have fun being you. Xoxox Rochelle


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