Cake pops for the festivities!

Alright so I’m a huge fan of desserts and I do bake a little–as evidenced by my Best Brownies Ever! recipe. But I’ve always shied away from anything too complicated. Cake pops look complicated and therefore must be seriously hard to make right? Nope, easy as 5min mug brownies! Follow along below for a no fuss, easy to follow Cake Pop recipe that is sure to win over any Scrooge this holiday season.


~ Instant cake mix (whatever flavours you like)

~ Frosting

~ Candy chocolate melts (bought at Bulk Barn or Michaels)

~ Sprinkles

~ Cake pop sticks

~ Styrofoam/Egg trays


Start off by making your instant cake. Follow the box instructions to build the easy cake. You can of course make your own cake from scratch but what’s the point? It’s going to be crumbled up and masked with frosting anyways. If you’re anything like me I’d recommend taking the easy way out.


Next let your cake cool down completely. Then begin the fun process of crumbling it in a bowl. Don’t use the crusts of the cake at all! It’ll ruin the structure of the cake pop.

After you’ve successfully crumbled the cake, begin dolling out the frosting into the bowl and mix it all together. Then pick up small sections of the mixture and roll them into small cake pop shaped balls. Then start sticking the cake pop sticks into about a quarter of the pop. No more no less! After you’ve made the amount you want, stick them into your fridge overnight or for an hour so it hardens.

Next you’ll want to melt the chocolate while the pops are in the fridge. I was baking for a baby shower which why it’s all pink and white. I recommend red and green for a Christmas vibe.

Dunk your cake pop into the bowl of chocolate carefully, holding by the stick and not losing your cake in the chocolate. Going slowly and swirling is key to this step!

Drizzle on whatever sparkles, sprinkles or dusting of whatever over the wet chocolate and stick it on the styrofoam. Repeat steps for forever and before you know it you’ll be done.

When you’re finished stick it into the fridge and relax until the party. Pull them out and serve to resounding applause.

Pro tip #1: Let your cake pops warm to room temp. before covering with chocolate or else the chocolate starts to crack as the cake cools down.

Pro tip #2: stick your cake pop(ulated) styrofoam into the fridge while you re-melt the chocolate to make sure your cake pops don’t start melting on you.

Enjoy and let me know in the comments how it goes!

Until next time,










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