Dance to Stay Fit & Healthy

This week I attended a ballet class, an elementary ballet class. As someone who has been doing ballet for 15 years of my years professionally, this was a unique experience. I went with a new friend of mine and it was amazing! Getting back into ballet was all kinds of emotions. From nervousness to pure joy and excitement. The biggest changes were all the mirrors and the  floor which I miss so dearly. Today I want to talk about getting more involved in these initiatives. The class I took was 1.5h long and cost me $13.50.

Personally, I am not a gym goer. I find it boring and I walk away all cramped up and too tired to continue conquering the day. On the other hand, ballet trains every muscle of your body but it also teaches you grace with how you carry yourself. Ballet isn’t for everyone but with amazing drop in programs like these, you aren’t committing yourself to a full year program which gives you a chance to find something you love doing to keep active.

Being more into creative forms of keeping active such as following YouTube videos or joining classes, I found these drop in programs such a wonderful way to keep in shape not only for physical health but for mental health too.


  • Gets your body going
  • Conditions your muscles, strengthens bones
  • Increases flexibility
  • Clears the mind from unnecessary worry or stress
  • Improves mood

What I’m Looking Forward To Trying:

I have been meaning to try barre fitness classes which is a mixture of stretches to upbeat music to increase body strength and flexibility. This definitely sounds like a more fun version of your ordinary stretching session.

As well, I am excited to give meditation a try. As someone who is always running around and studying or working, meditation seems like a mindful way to detach myself from the city buzz and enjoy peace and serenity of my mind. Free classes are offered at my university and I am looking to make use of this before exam season.

Another idea for getting involved, is to try zumba or adult fitness classes. Exercises and repetitive dance steps in a series of different variations is such a great way to get your exercise in while also enjoying the company of others and really letting go of the awkwardness.

How are you getting your exercise in? 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for ways to get active without going a gym. These are somewhat dance related but they are also loads of fun. Hope you can join me on this adventure.

~Kisses, Kvitka~



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