Q&A Journal | 1 Year Later

Last year, Rochelle gave me a Q&A journal for my birthday. The purpose of this journal is to answer one question a day for 5 years. I was so excited to start filling out the journal because I am not a fan of simply writing my thoughts on paper but I could definitely manage answering one question to fill out 4 lines. That is not to say that some days I would either forget or feel lazy, but on the whole I am so impressed that I have kept with it for over a year now. Today I would love to share with you my journey with the Q&A journal and totally entice you to start your own.


The cool thing about the Q&A journal is the range of questions which spam from light hearted ones like, “What are you wearing today?” to some deep ones like, “Where do you see yourself in the future?” The questions are really fun and definitely unique while other ones make you sit there for a few minutes and reflect.

Q&A excerpt: ” What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?” 

I fill out the Q&A journal every day before bed so that I can reflect about the day. It is also a good idea to avoid using any brightly lit devices for a good nights rest. Therefore, my general rule is that I do my beauty night routine (washing up, applying moisturizers etc.) which is followed by the journaling session. This strategy has had a really positive impact on my quality of sleep.

Q&A excerpt: “Write down something that inspired you today.”

Initially, I was really hesitant to start writing in the journal without taking a one year gap. I thought to myself that there was no way that I changed that much from one year to the next. Now seeing that the journal is so integrated into my life, I couldn’t put it aside for a year. As I am filling out the same round of questions for the second year now, I am reading my responses above and I notice how much I’ve changed. Even the simple question of what famous person would you like to meet over coffee has changed dramatically. (Last year I said: Taylor Swift and this year it was Hillary Clinton). This goes to show that we are never stagnant, we are always learning and moving ahead.


I am also very surprised by some of my answers to be honest. For some days, my answers actually haven’t really changed dramatically. (For example, what is your greatest expense, ohhh its definitely still university education.) Sometimes, I am shocked by the things that happened that I totally forgot about such as my bizarre Halloween adventure last year. Overall, I am so pleased with this find. I am committed to sticking to this journal. It has become such an essential that the thought of missing a day gives me a deep sense of guilt.

I hope you find a way to reflect on your day to see how much you have grown over the years. It is amazing how much a year can do! If you are interested in this journal or other themed journals, check out this link.

~Kisses, Kvitka~






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