Fall Trends to Carry into the Winter

Fall is my favourite season and not for the reasons like Pumpkin Spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and candles. Personally, I enjoy the transition into the cooler weather while the sun is still out, its almost deceitful actually. Aside from that, the crisp air that wakes you right up is a blessing and a curse in the morning. Now another thing I like about fall is the fashion that moves away from shorts and tank tops to oversized sweaters and my must have- trench coats. Today I will share with you 5 style trends that are fall appropriate and will carry on into the winter months. Living in Toronto, I got your back covered for the colder winter months.


1.  Trench Coat: this is a piece that I have wanted to add to my closet for 5 years now. I have finally found the one that fits just right from Zara. A trench coat is such a timeless piece, it immediately adds sophistication and professionalism to your look. Its a structured jacket and very warm to carry on into the early winter months.

2. Sweater Scarves: I wear scarves all year round except in the summer. I swap them out for fall and spring. My favourite one is the sweater scarf because it feels soft and warm like a blanket but it also accessorizes your outfit.

3. Over the knee boots/booties: I have not been too attached to the over the knee boot trend but it will transition well into the winter because its an extra layer of warmth over your legs which is perfect for winter. Booties on the other hand are a must have.

4. Tights: this is always an underestimated fashion staple. Not only are these perfect for wearing underneath your in winter, but just because winter will be arriving soon, doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing skirts. I have recently purchased the warmest pair of tights I could find and have been pairing them with all of my summer dresses and skirts shamelessly.

5. Makeup/Polish: the nail polish shades that I find appealing for the winter time are maroons and nudes. As for makeup, I go for warmer tones that from oranges to gold and browns. These are warmer shades that take the cold and dread out of your makeup routine.

Hope you enjoyed this run down of items that will be staying in my closet for the winter time. Let me know in the comments below what items are your staples for fall and winter. 

~Kisses, Kvitka~





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