Chilly Days | Fall Photography Book + Fall Tag

lastWe are into the first week of October and I am already feeling the air get colder and crisper in the morning. As a roundup of the fall season, I finally took my Canon camera out of its dusty shelf and took some photos while the leaves are still turning colours and the son hasn’t entered its hibernation state for the winter months. It felt so lovely to be able to take photos again, I actually felt kind of out of shape with it. I haven’t used my camera in quite some time, so I am looking to get back into photography again. As for today I wanted to do a round up of what fall looks like to me by sharing some photos I took around the UofT campus. To spice up this post, I also answered some questions for the #FallTag.

Halloween Costume: Daenerys Targaryen          Fav Fall Nail Polish: 248 Manhattan by NYC
Fav Thing About Fall: Scarves and the balance between cool and sunny weather
Fav Halloween Candy: Coffee Crisp and Twix
Fav Fall Fashion Trend: trench coats, oversized sweaters, and my plaid purse

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