USA Presidential Debate | Op-Ed

Although I am Canadian, I cannot help but be intrigued by the American Presidential debate. As the last round of debates took place, I was able to make some observations that I can’t help but vocalize. When a presidential election takes place in a country as large, developed, and internationally integrated as the United States, the interest in the election is drawn from audiences around the globe. Attending lectures at my university following the first two debates, I noticed the buzz around campus. The conversation led to the latest memes that have been created and opinions as to whom was a stronger candidate for the position of President.


I have watched all three Presidential debates and I was taken back by the amount of blaming back and forth not so much the candidate’s policies and goals as much as their personal self. What I was hoping to see was greater insight into valid solutions and a course of action for pending problems in the economy, security, healthcare, etc. After all, the future of the United States dictates where Canada (whose only geographic neighbour is the United States) will be heading. Although it would be idealistic to think that a debate has the potential to sway the opinions of those who are already committed to a leader, this series of debates will most certainly go down in history for swaying the electoral body tremendously.

Therefore, the Presidential debate was not a very effective way of displaying where each candidate was hoping to lead the United States as it was overshadowed by allegations. Going back to the first question of the second round of debates, no, the debates are not very appropriate for children to watch and learn from. The questions posed by the moderator dealt with core issues such as cyber security, human rights, the healthcare system, migration, the economy, and political/economic alliances, which hit on the key areas that the future leader should foresee. I think the questions were spot on and equally challenged each candidate.

As a university student, I was hoping to see more attention dedicated to student debt and the lack of student employment, something which was not discussed in its entirety. The issue comes from the falling voter turnout from lack on interest in politics. How can an issue be of priority if those effected by the outcome do not vote or knowledge themselves. It is wonderful to see how celebrities are promoting that youth vote because the voice of youth does help shape the political agenda. With voter turnout falling, student solutions are not becoming priorities for the future leader. This means that it is time to think of viable solutions in order to encourage groups to cast their ballots. Greater social media involvement and publicity from celebrities is a great start.

Keeping up with recent events in the United States, I am looking forward to the elections in the United States on November 8th.

~Kisses, Kvitka~





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