20 Facts about Me

I have recently celebrated by 20th birthday, turning the big 2.0 and I decided to do something fun and spontaneous on the blog with a “20 Facts About Me.” Initially I was going to do a “20 Things I learned in my Teens,” but to be honest my ‘wisdom’ currently doesn’t expend past things like high school isn’t the best time of your life and your eyebrows do matter. So I hope you enjoy reading these 20 quirky things about me. I would also love to learn a bit about you, so feel free to leave a comment sharing a bit about yourself.

 1. Where I’m from: I was born in Ukraine and I now live and study in Canada at the University of Toronto.

2. Middle name: My first name is Mariya and my middle name is Kvitlana. But I go by the short form of my middle name- Kvitka. Kvitka means flower in Ukrainian. So yes, my name is flower.

3. Favourite hobby: I have done ballet from the age of 5 and I continued until first year university professionally. I am also a Ukrainian character dancer, something that I continue to do now as well. I also love to go hiking!

4. Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, and a bit of French.

5. Favourite travel spots: I have been to Washington DC, NYC, Boston, Warsaw, Lviv, all over Eastern Canada, and Barcelona. My favourites by far have been Warsaw and Lviv (my hometown).

6. Favourite blog: hands down, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I check it twice a day and my favourite posts are the Coffee Talks.

7. Favourite tv shows: The Mindy Project, Pretty Little Liars, The Game of Thrones, and Last Man on Earth.

8. Favourite stores and sense of style: H&M, Dynamite, and Mendocino (although I never bought anything there). I dress business casual all the time, sophisticated chic.

9. Most daring thing I’ve done: swam and kayaked in the Mediterranean despite being scared of deep water. And let’s be honest, having virgin hair, I freaked out when I was getting a balayage.

10. How I start my morning: snoozing my alarm, splashing my face with water, light breakfast, and checking social media/emails.

11. Love language: quality time and acts of service.

12. Last movie I watched: does the US 2016 Presidential Debate count? If not then it would be “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I know, I know, how basic.

13. Tea or coffee: I don’t drink coffee [cue gasps] but I do enjoy lattes as well as black tea with lemon and honey.

14. Favourite memory: Winning a gold medal at the UofT Science Fair with Rochelle despite our endless doubts. We learned to not underestimate ourselves and to take risks.

15. Bad habit: Checking my phone the minute I wake up in order to wake myself up.

16. Zodiac sign: Virgo. A 13th sign has been added to the horoscope so check if you are still the same sign as before.

17. 3 Things I hold close: Family, friends/relationships, education.

18. 3 Things I literally hold close: laptop, my necklace that I got as a gift 3 years ago (wear it all the time), and my planner.

19. Favourite song: “Georgia” by Vance Joy.

20. An Embarrassing moment: Falling asleep in the sun and getting a shorts tan that’s visible from a mile away when I wear my swim suit.

Here you have it! It was surprisingly really hard to think of witty and interesting points to put down. I hope you found this tag interesting and got a chance to learn more about me. I’m also super curious to learn a little bit about you. Feel free to answer some of these question below!

~Kisses, Kvitka~


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