Movie Review: “The Secret Life of Pets”

I like to say that until about a year ago, my taste in movies was limited to chic-flics and an occasional “odd” (for me at least) movie that was nominated for an Oscar. However, I have since changed my ways to branch out and give other genres a try. I mean, I watched “The Revenant,” where a man gets inside a horse so I think I can take on anything. If you have movie recommendations you think would challenge me, leave them in the comments below. This time, I went back to my primitive movie tastes and decided to watch “The Secret Life of Pets” with my family. Here are my thoughts.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, from left: Chloe (voice: Lake Bell), Sweetpea, Norman, Mel (back, voice:

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, from left: Chloe (voice: Lake Bell), Sweetpea, Norman, Mel (back, voice: Bobby Moynihan), Tiberius (back, voice: Albert Brooks), Buddy (voice: Hannibal Buress), Gidget (voice: Jenny Slate), 2016. © Universal

The animation, “The Secret Life of Pets” starts off with an enchanting friendship between a pet owner and her dog Max who lives day and night to play fetch and hang out with his owner. Little did he know that a new dog, a rescue will be making it onto a scene to test their friendship. Alright that sounded a little dramatic but nevertheless, Max and his new “brother” Duke begin an epic adventure after Max is deserted by Duke in the dumpsters. Despite the immediate conflict between the two, they had to work together to overcome the wreath of the mighty revolutionary, Snowball. Like all happy endings go, can you blame me for loving them, the two, or rather, the three of them lived happily ever after.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 9.5/10 | Tear Dropper: 3/10 | Comedy: 9/10 | Action: 7.5/10 |  Animation: 10/10 |  Adventure: 8/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must watch


Alright, now that the spoiler alert is done, here are my thoughts on the new favourite animation on the block. If you are looking for a great relaxing film, forget it! You will be cracking up throughout and I can almost guarantee a six pack walking out of that theater. But all jokes aside, Kevin Hart (Snowball) is amazing with his impersonations while the jokes in general were refreshing and on point (not your casual fart jokes 24/7).


Of  course the main lesson to walk away with is the power of friendship, cooperation, and most importantly not judging books by their covers. Let’s throw determination into the bucket as well as Gidget was not only a cute furry ball of cuteness but also a brave protagonist that was determined to rescue Max from the benevolent revolutionary anti-pets squad headed by Snowball.

choe better.jpg

I promise that if you are a pet owner, this movie will be right up your alley as there is bound to be at least one of the characters that matches the personality of your lovely creature. For me it was the cat Chloe that is startlingly similar to my cat Kitsuniya. The sass and hidden charm were all there, let alone the looks.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, from left: Max (voice: Louis C.K.), Duke (voice: Eric Stonestreet), Katie

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, from left: Max (voice: Louis C.K.), Duke (voice: Eric Stonestreet), Katie (voice: Ellie Kemper), 2016.

Now I only took one silly issue with the animation and it was the fact that being a cat lover, of course cats had to be partially the antagonists and the lazy, sneaky characters. I will have you know that cats are amazing, always there to cuddle and stay calm and collected when you have one of those crazy busy weeks. Therefore, cats definitely needed more love.

Do you think you will be giving “The Secret Life of Pets” a try? Have I convinced you to watch it? Let me know if you like it or love it in the comments below.

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~Kisses, Kvitka~

**All the photos are not ours and were taken by the Illumination Presents
movie "The Secret Life of Pets." The photos were taken from the Cineplex
Odeon webpage at:
(© 2015 Universal Studios).


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