Journals, apps & emojis

I’ve definitely heard of apps that serve as diaries for those on the go. But I’ve never been the sort of girl to keep a diary. I mean, I tried when I was eight but gave up when all I wrote was “Dear Diary, I fell down today. Goodnight!”: Fascinating stuff obviously.Β  When I found out about diary apps I thought I’d give one of those a try. Old habits die hard and I ended up using it for three days before deleting it.

Last week I discovered Daylio. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored blog post. I just think it’s a super cute and easy way to track your mood and replaces a regular diary. I feel like keeping track of mood swings, behavior and recognizing patterns in activity that lead to positive and negative behavior is key to recognising yourself.


This app super simple: click an emoji to show your mood and then click other emojis to show what you’ve done throughout the day. Slowly you’ll build up a graph that shows how what you’ve done has affected you mood and maybe this will help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle!

There’s still something to be said for pen and paper and the process of keeping a diary. But for those looking for a quick and easy way to keep a diary, I recommend you check out Daylio (or other similar apps)!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried keeping a diary and what your thoughts are on emoji diary apps ☺

Until next time,


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