Love, Nina: a touching find!

I’ve been trying to explore new tv shows recently. From Peaky Blinders to Mad Men I’ve been experimenting to find a favorite. And two weeks, I finally discovered Love, Nina. The show is based off a book (now on my to-read list) by Nina Stibbe. It’a directed by ever popular Nick Hornby and stars Helena Bonham Carter and Faye Marsay, who plays Nina (she’s also in GOT!)

I simply HAD to write about this show because even though there’s only five episodes out, it is such a touching, quirky, funny and lovely show. Leave it to the British to make sarcastic, strange nannies the central and beloved characters.

Nina is no Mary Poppins but she shines in her own way. She walks the streets, grocery stores and gardens with bare feet. She wear her shoes indoors. She makes delicious meals that are constantly questioned by their famous neighbour (author Malcolm Tanner). And she’s in charge of two foul mouthed boys with a football obsession. Plus, she’s only 20!

There’s also a love interest, misunderstandings and some pretty great British humour. Helena Bonham Carter finally plays a regular human being and excels at it. It’s all set in the 80’s so you do get mentions of nuclear war and fabulous outfits appropriate for the time period!

Does that make you want to watch the show yet? I certainly hope so because everything I just described combines to make a unique show for which I have great hope. I actually wait eagerly wait for each new episode to come out which is quite rare for me.

Give it a try. Let me know if you live it or if you hate it and think I’m a weirdo for loving it!

Until next time,


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