Partying hard with Elle VIP

So last night was basically fabulous! Kvitka and I spent the night with Elle magazine drinking Girl’s Night Out wine and eating eating some of the best cupcakes and macarons. I had so much fun which is why this post is basically a recap of the night. I apologize if it causes pangs of jealousy! πŸ˜‰


Kvitka and I dressed up in our favorite summer dresses and headed over to the event. Unsurprisingly, we got lost. But this time it wasn’t entirely our fault because Elle had taken down the event from their website leading to us panicking and taking a random streetcar.


We were the luckiest pair of bloggers in Toronto because we ran into strangers who were also headed to the event! We got to the show in time and made really awesome friends on the way!


The fashion show actually took place in a church–the swankiest and most designer rustic church I’ve ever seen (even the washrooms were fancy!). An open bar with a variety of appetizers promised a fantastic evening from the get go.


We lined up for photos, getting our hair and nails done, drinking chardonnay and eating macarons while watching beautiful models coast the runway.


Like I said, it wasn’t half bad. I learnt how to create gorgeous beach curls which I’ll definitely be trying out this weekend. Thanks Redken stylists!


We ended the night with a huge gift bag fully of $100 worth of goodies like wine bottles, rice crispy squares and Smashbox makeup.image

The bag broke, that’s how heavy it was. I was especially impressed by the Polysporin blister pads Elle added to the gift bags because by the end of the night, our feet were in agony. They seriously thought of everything!


The efficiency, niceness of the staff and the stunning location made it a great night for everyone which is a huge checkmark in my book.

If you do see an Elle event near you I highly recommend going because it’s a fun event to network at and it’s a nice excuse to dress up for the night!

Until next time,


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