Fika Cafe Review

Rochelle and I have recently visited the Fika cafe in Kensington Market and it has quickly grown to be a favourite. You can call it love at first sight almost. We had amazing company and of course our cafe expert Rachel (you can check out her gorgeous Instagram @cafecatalogue) has recommended this place to us. Aside from getting our photos done, together for the first time, we had a blast catching up with our friends. Here is a quick overview of Fika and maybe you can make time to visit this cozy cafe too.

LT Rating: Food: 8/10 | Atmosphere: 10/10 Decor: 10/10 | Seating wait time: 7.5/10 | Meal wait time: 10/10 | Prices: $$ | Must go, Average, Poor review: Must go  

IMG_0595 (1)

Atmosphere- 28 Kensington Ave. 

If you enjoy cute shops to photograph, this is the place for you. Aside from an open concept layout, bright colours, and cozy seating, I cannot begin to describe the wall of books. On the opposite wall, you are free to draw with chalk or sit down in the little nooks to read. There is a comfortable outdoor patio with a hammock and a couch in the front yard. With fresh flowers on every table, this is definitely a very laid back, relaxing atmosphere.

IMG_0624 (1)

Menu- $$

Although the food can get a tinge pricy, borderline, I really enjoyed my breakfast sandwich. You can never go wrong with bacon, eggs, and lots of butter. Some of my friends opted for salad options and avocado toast which was definitely envied. Iced coffee is a must, especially because the cup is not filled with ice half way (you know what I’m talking about). Being a cafe, the pastries and drink menu was plentiful with prices ranging on average at $4-6.

I would like to hear from you:
Have you been to Fika? Will you be paying it a visit?

~Kisses, Kvitka~


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