Breakfast Must Haves- Healthy & Simple

Starting the morning off with breakfast is an absolute must for me. No matter how late I may be running, there is always time for an on the go breakfast. I also like to keep my breakfast the healthiest meal of the day (not that I indulge in fast food all the other times haha). I hope you feel inspired by these simple breakfast go-to ideas and incorporate these healthy ingredients in your routines.


To those of you whom don’t like breakfast, here are some benefits that I’m hoping might get you to consider having a light snack in the morning.

  • More energy means more strength to conquer workouts
  • Concentration and creativity levels increase in the morning
  • Improve your cognition in relation to memory with breakfast
  • Lowers the chance for heart decease and diabetes

#1 Yogurt Parfait

Recently, I have noticed that breakfast smoothies with fruit have been the thing. As I detest using my at home blender unless I have committed to making smoothies for the whole family, I prefer yogurt instead. Add a cup of yogourt and mix in dried fruits, cranberries, walnuts etc. It tastes heavenly.

Benefits of yogurt:

  • Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and calcium
  • Use it as a face mask as it contains lactic acid, smoothes skin (wink wink)
  • Perfect snack after a workout


#2 Waffles and Fruit 

I like to indulge on either home made waffles or store bought and spice them up by adding almond butter on top, with a mixture of fruit. Although waffles may not be the healthiest option in the morning, it is definitely justified in my mind with a load of cut up fruits. My favourite combinations are blue berries, bananas, and mango.


  • Banana benefits: rich in potassium, perfect before workout snack, lowers blood pressure
  • Blue berries: fiber lowers cholesterol, rich in folate, vitamin C
  • Mango: clears skin, lowers cholesterol


#3 Pancakes   

When I saw this recipe in a video, I knew I had to give it a try. These pancakes turned out to be amazing. To be honest, I actually prefer them over the traditional pancake recipe and I have peace of mind because this is a healthy alternative. You can find the recipe in this video (its the first one). They also are a lot quicker to make.

Something that I really want to try incorporating in my meals are chia and flex seeds. I am looking into purchasing a package of each and adding them on top of whatever I am munching on, especially smoothies and the yogurt parfait.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the ideas interesting. Let me know what you like to have for breakfast as I am always looking to try something new.

~Kisses, Kvitka~


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