Summer Morning Routine Post Exam Season

Now that our exams at UofT are behind us, it is time to make a new rough routine for myself since studying has been subtracted from the equation. Today I will share with you some tips that help make my mornings productive. This post is a morning routine in a sense but with an added benefit of helpful morning tips.


Whether its making a to do list or a schedule, this helps put all of your ideas in perspective. I go as far as make a rough morning schedule for myself (being a person who likes a routine). This is a restful month before our summer work places, internships, and summer school begin.

#1 Alarm: This is the most painful part of the day. I usually set three alarms because I know the trick of “just 5 extra minutes” which definitely turns into an additional 30 minutes if not more.

#2 Breakfast: As I get out of bed, my hair immediately goes up in a pony tail and I head downstairs to make breakfast which is usually waffles with fruit. I hate brushing my teeth before eating but I do make sure to rinse my mouth with some water.

#3 Dress up: At home I admit to wearing Cinderella rags. I don’t bother with makeup but brushing my teeth and hair is a must. Unless I made plans to go out, my attire is usually lounge pants and a t-shirt. Makes great use of the outdated clothing you have around.


#4 Reading: This is me time where I sit on my porch and read a book or the news. If you have noticed, social media has been cut out in the morning because I am trying to leave some space to myself where I don’t get sucked into an hour session on my phone.

#5 Bloggie: I feel inspired after my reading session to write a post. This follows by a photo session while the sun is still up. Then it is onto editing with some hot tea.

#6 Walking: I love going on a walk. Living close to a park is so wonderful since I can always enjoy a bike ride or just join a friend for a walk.


#7 Friends: By now it is noon and I have caught up on emails, read, blogged, and biked. It is time for lunch. After lunch I tend to make plans with friends. In that spare month before our commitments start up again, I like to maximize the opportunity to catch up with friends us I unearth myself from the exam study books.

Voila, this is my summer routine! Let me know how you like to spend your mornings and if you have tips for me in the comments below. 

~Kisses, Kvitka~


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