Skincare for Dry Skin!

Today let’s discuss skin care routines. My skin type is dry. Yup, that’s it–just dry. I get the occasional zit or oily t-zone (very rare) but my main concern is my constant skin dryness. It always affects my makeup routine because dry flakes break up my foundation and it’s just a mess. So with the lack of skin care routines for dry skin I’ve decided to share mine with you lovelies.

#1: I spend the entire day ensuring I drink 8 or more glasses of water. Hydration hydration hydration. I’ll probably die with, “She hydrated” on my tombstone.

#2: After a long day of work, I come home and immediately take off my makeup with a Kirkland makeup wipe–they’re the best makeup wipes I’ve ever used and they take off the toughest waterproof mascaras. I swear by these babies. Plus, Costco!!

#3: Then, twice a week I indulge in a mask. I prefer Origins for my skin care–their Out of Trouble 10 Min Mask to Rescue Problem Skin and their Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask are my favourites! I suggest buying them in travel size because they’re cheaper, you can travel with them and they last a long time! If I half zero time, I choose an exfoliating scrub. While I wait for the mask to work, I catch up on the news, do some light reading or just meditate with my favourite music. It’s my favourite time of day.

Photo on 14-04-16 at 11.13 PM

Me, with my 10 Min Mask!

#4: Then, I wet a face cloth with warm water and rub off my mask with small circles. The warm water heats up the dry mask and makes it more malleable. After it’s off, I rinse with water and pat dry. Massaging the skin is the a key trick for youthful, healthy skin. Lisa Eldridge swears by it!

#5: I then use my Body Shop Tea tree Oil on problem spots. It works wonders for zits, red areas etc. I highly recommend this for anyone with annoying scars or random zits.

#6: Then I zoom in with the only moisturiser that works for me. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is my daytime and night-time moisturiser. It’s lovely and my tube lasted me for little over three months. I will definitely buy again!

#7: I’ve been converted to face oils recently with my sample size Seaberry Oil. I add four drops to my moisturiser. It makes my skin supple and it’s improved the slight hyper-pigmentation I have around my nose. But it’s way too expensive for an undergrad with student loans. So Costco’s saved me again with a bulk pack of Bio-Oil! Bio-oil is my newest go-to facial oil. It’s advertised as an oil for stretch marks, scars and dehydrated skin. It works just as well as the Seaberry Oil, if not better. A $20 pack of two bottles vs. the $60 price tag on the Seaberry Oil is a huge bonus!

#8: I then go in with my Josie Maran Creamy Oil on any visible dry patches or problem areas. And I work it into my lips. Bonus tip: it’s lovely on cheekbones as a glowy highlighter effect when you’re going for a natural hydrated look in the morning!

#9: I end my routine with an intensive hand cream, like my Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Going to bed with an intensive hand cream ensures you wake up with soft hands!

That’s it–I usually skip a few steps on a regular day. But after a hard week, this is my go-to routine! I hope this helps for those of you seeking a hydrating skin care process. Any tips and comments? Love to hear from you in the comments below!

Until next time,



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