The Power of Makeup

Recently, I have seen a Youtube video which talked about the power of makeup and how a few light strokes of mascara for example can totally transform your look. Today I want to share my thoughts with you on makeup, show you my favorite products and most importantly, demonstrate the power of makeup with pictures. Let’s dive in.


My Relationship With Makeup

Although growing up I was always curious about my mother’s small makeup collection, I never dwelled into makeup myself. Primarily because as a 12 year old self I used to believe that its only appropriate for 20+ girls. Now being 20, my opinion and reasoning has totally changed. Personally, makeup is a way to experiment with different looks, not to hide or conceal.

I will always remember my trip to Sephora one day, when I was told I had redness on my face and sunspots on my nose. To my surprise, my rosy cheeks and spotted nose was something I always embraced about myself, I felt like it was a part of my loud and creative personality. The idea that it was something that I should want to conceal had given me an unsettling feeling. I use makeup to highlight my favorite qualities like my big eyes and conceal those Mount Everest pimples and awful under eye bags. PS: I have only worm foundation once (for prom).


Favourite Makeup Products

Rochelle can attest that I only use FIVE makeup products on the regular which are under eye concealer, brow pencil, waterline pencil, mascara, and a lipstick/lip balm. Although I dread spending a lot of money on quality makeup products, I have decided that it is best to invest in necessities. Here are my go to:

#1 Clarins Brow Pencil

#2 Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

#3 Sephora Waterproof Crayon Contour Eye Pencil

#4 Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer

#5 L’Oreal 176 Sunset Angora (a moisturizing lipstick)


 The Power of Makeup  

I always go for an ultra natural look because that is what gives me the greatest confidence and because I don’t like the idea of constant touch ups. Here I am enhancing my natural traits that totally fool everyone into thinking that, I woke up flawless like that.


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