Highlights of the Week

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This week has been very sad in so many ways. I woke up on Monday to depressing weather, news about Brussels, a death in a close friend’s family and Rob Ford’s passing. Read on for my Highlights of the Week!

Brussels: By now the whole world has heard of the bombings in Brussels. As I’m typing this, Brussels police are carrying out anti-terror raids and I believe they’ve captured one of the three Daesh bombers. It’s hard not be afraid for your own communities and families when you hear news like this. But the truth is that fear and recognition is precisely what Daesh wants and that’s something we should never give them. Feel terrible for the innocent who were attacked but go out, live your life and don’t be bogged down by anger because that just leads to hate: something the world needs less of with Trump in the west and Daesh in the east.

Rob Ford: He’s a little hard to talk about because I’ve most of the time he’s been in the spotlight, ridiculing his policies and disagreeing with the man’s ideals. But when I heard he died I realised how sad I was because he died at 46 of cancer which in 2016 is all too common. He has little kids and family who miss him and love him. Cancer sucks and no matter how much I disliked the man, it was sad to hear of his passing.

Jian Ghomeshi: I’ve always defended our law system and political system simply because I’ve seen first hand that it works better than other countries I’ve lived in. But with the results of this trial, I’m sorely tempted to throw in the towel. The trial had less to do with his guilt and more to to do with tearing apart the victims credibility. The justice system failed and it’s set a bad precedent for future cases.

Onto more nostalgic news:

Hannah Montana: Why am I talking about HM?? Because yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the show! Can you believe how time has flown? I really was a huge fan of the show and I still really like Miley Cyrus for ‘doing her own thang’: don’t judge me!


Persuasion: I re-read Persuasion by Austen all of this week. Fell in love (again) and now I’m going on a binge reading sesh in the middle of exam season.

And that’s all my news of the week! Have comments or opinions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Until next time,




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