Ways to Make the Most of your Cold

This week I had my wisdom teeth taken out which translated into lots of pain, sleep, and laziness overall. Aside from having this surgery I have been sick for roughly two weeks on and off which is why I had the marvellous idea to share my tips for how I overcome a cold and the things you can entertain yourself with while you are snuggled in bed (and no, unfortunately my suggestions do not include Netflix). These tips may not work for everyone but you might be able to modify some of them to fit your lifestyle.


Natural Ways to Recover

#1 Not your regular English Breakfast – when my throat is scratchy and I find myself loosing my voice, I add two spoons of honey and a slice of lemon to my regular cup of tea. This is an absolutely delicious remedy.

#2 Hot, wet cloth – place one of these over your forehead and you will feel your fever subsiding quickly. This is my go to trick as well as elevating my legs on a pillow or so does my nursing friend inform me.

#3 Stay hydrated – this applies to day to day life but drinking lots of fluids like water is key to a quick recovery.

#4 Staying cozy – those days when you wish you could stay in bed are finally coming true. Staying in bed and getting lots of sleep allows me to feel much better.



#1 Reading – give Netflix a break and pick up an interesting read like a magazine or that book catching dust on your book shelf. I usually get inspired to start a new read when I am forced to stay in bed.

#2 Update your planner – why not do some chores from bed. When I know I’m catching a cold, writing out my plans for the future give me something to look forward to once I’m out of this slump.

#3 Catch up on news – while you are in bed, don’t let that stop you from keeping in touch with the rest of the world. Google News is my go to for a quick scoop and I also find myself catching up with my favourite blogs.

#4 Colouring – this is my new favourite activity when I am stressed out. However, why not use it to keep busy when you are falling ill.

#5 Youtube – technically this is not Netflix, but I enjoy catching up on missed Youtube video uploads and blog posts. I know I will be falling asleep any minute so why not invest a few minutes watching an easy going video.


I want to hear your thoughts:

How do you get over a cold?

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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