March Inspiration Board and Must Haves

Welcome to the month of March! I can almost spot spring right around the corner. From longer days to warmer temperatures, it feels like I have so much more time and motivation to experiment with new products this month. I have beauty, fashion, and lifestyle pinned on the board for this month so let’s dig in. Make sure to let us know what you want to try out this month.


Fashion and Beauty 

◊ Working out: when I think of heading to the gym, I usually put on oldest pair of shorts and tops. However, ever since I made use of the $25 Kate Hudson Fabletics outfit coupon, I have been drawn to putting more thought into my gym attire. I have noticed it increases my drive to exercise.

◊ Kate Spade wanna be: I have an admiration for Kate Spade purses despite not owning one myself. The main reason is because I like a structured purses with many compartments being the neat freak that I am. My mission this month is to find a Kate Spade wanna be purse on a budget.


◊ Burt’s Bees: I am a big fan of the Burt’s Bees lip balms; however, when I found out about their lip collection I was a little hesitant to give it a try. This month I want to stock up on some Burt’s Bees products like creams to test the hype.

◊ Colour blocking: I was always fascinated by green or pink concealers and frankly too nervous to experiment with those (the idea of turning into Shrek in the morning was not appealing). I have learned that these bright colours form a contrast against your skin that actually works better than a nude concealer itself. Let’s give it a try.


◊ Short term memory: I am a multi-tasker which has its ups and downs. Although I think I’m saving time by doing many chores at once, the attention I am able to dedicate to each task actually diminishes and so does the quality of my work. This makes me more forgetful in the long run. Mission for March is to slow down and be more attentive to individual tasks.

◊ Lily Inspiration: iiSuperwomanii has been one of my favourite YouTubers of all time. Her success is mesmerizing. For the month of March, when you are feeling down, I recommend you give her videos a watch.

I want to hear your thoughts:

What goals have you set for March? 

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~




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