“Zootopia” Movie Review

I had the pleasure to watch “Zootopia” with my little sister on a Monday evening and it will be a highlighting moment for the whole week. Walking out of the movie, we decided to do some spoiling in this blog post as well as some ranting about how much we enjoyed the movie. There is nothing better than a quick reminder about the goodness of the world and its people. Here is our review of “Zootopia.”

Essentially, Judy- the bunny, battles numerous stereotypes in order to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. Her adventure does not stop there. Judy is determined to solve the mystery of the revival of the “wild instinct” in predators like bears and tigers. Predators have long been able to coexist with their traditional prey in a city called Zootopia. While on her adventures, Judy uses her wit and clever thinking and with the help of her new friend, Nick, they set out to unravel who/what is causing the chaos.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 9/10 | Comedy: 8/10 |  Cinematography: 10/10 | Adventure: 8/10 |  Family friendly: 10/10 Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must watch!

The antagonist and hero of this movie was a female which is very uncommon in cinematography as a whole.She encompassed traits that I admire such as determination, bravery, kindness, a hard work ethic, and well, a bit of naivety. She fought of stereotypes like a champ, proving that size and appearance are not integral to determining potential. What a great way to educate children these important lessons about equality and diversity through an enjoyable movie.

In terms of the creative aspect, this animation was fantastic to say the least, with every detail throughly thought out. It was so interesting to see how a humanely lifestyle was adjusted for all the species from the tallest and largest, down to the shortest and smallest rodents. Zootopia is a beautiful city which resembles human societies not only in appearance but also because of the remaining stereotypes and greed that haunt over it.

However, it is not the creative genius that I want to turn your attention towards, but instead the themes and lessons I have taken away. This movie is a massive metaphor for three important matters.

#1. Greed and desire for greater power envelopes this world.

#2. Do not judge the book by its cover. Tough doesn’t translate into brave for example.

#3. We are all equal despite visible and invisible differences.

Now here are some reactions my sister wanted to share with you,

The movie was fun but also sad when the bunny began crying when she got hurt. It was also scary and shocking. It was shocking when the animals turned wild. The movie made me feel proud when [the bunny] was able to fight the bad guys. She was cool! It actually taught me something. You shouldn’t look at someone and think they are perfect because they are pretty, you need to look inside at who they are.

I would love to hear your thoughts? 

Have you seen the movie? If so, what did you think? If not, have I convinced you to give it a  try?

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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