Highlights of the Week

Morning everyone! Since it’s Friday I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite things this week (in no particular order). Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea; point & laugh or comment & share if you like this post!


#1 Pro-gun Mum shot by her 4 year (non-fatal): I’ll admit I laughed my head off at the library at which I was studying. Frankly, leaving a fully loaded weapon in the backseat with your toddler, with the safety off, is the height of idiocy no matter how well you’ve taught your kid to shoot. To top it off, the woman had bragged about her kid’s skills on the gun range the shooting. You can read Daily Mail’s report on the incident here:ย http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3484064/Pro-gun-poster-girl-shot-four-year-old-son-driving-Florida-boy-pistol-seat-truck.html!

#2 Michigan felt the Bern: Bernie Sanders trumped Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary! This is pretty epic because in the test polls, Clinton was always on top with at least a 20 or more lead. Sanders win was a huge upset and shock to the essentially everyone (including the Bern’s party I think)!

#3 International Women’s Day: As you already know, Kvitka and I collaboratedย with Kaye (Always, Kaye) for IWD! Honestly, it was one of my favourite experiences of this year. The #BeingAWoman was empowering and it made me seriously reflect on the question itself. It had me stumped for over an hour. I had to research in order to formulate my thoughts and all in all, the project did exactly what it was meant to: make us all evaluate our thoughts on feminism in our lives.

#4 Sony might drop Dr. Luke (Rumours): I read several articles by Forbes, Vanity Fair, The Verge and Entertainment Weekly over the last few days that announced that Sony was looking to drop Dr. Luke after the huge #FreeKesha movement. This made me really happy because I support Kesha and firmly believe that no one should be forced to work with someone who allegedly harmed them. Kesha makes music and she has the right to back out of a contract that forces her to work with her alleged assaulter. Unfortunately, Dr. Luke’s attorney has claimed that nothing of the sort has occurred.

#5 Trubama: Buzzfeed says it all actually. There’s apparently a bromance brewing and it is as epic as it sounds. And yes, shipping people together results in fanfiction. If you do Google “Trubama fanfic” please don’t blame me for what you find.


And that’s it for this week’s highlights! I’m thinking of making this a regular series–what do you think? Opinions are always welcome in the comments below!

Until next time,



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