Mindy Kaling Book Review

Rochelle is great at convincing me to start watching a new TV show which leads to binge watching as I try to catch up to her. One of the TV shows that Rochelle has introduced me to is “The Mindy Project.” This hilarious yet empowering TV show has quickly grown to become my favourite and I cannot wait for the new episode on April 12th. Today however, I will be ranting about Mindy Kaling’s book, “Why Not Me?”

I find it pretty amazing that just by reading a book, I can get a taste of my favourite actor’s life. Reading Mindy’s showed me what she is like behind the scenes which actually turned out to be as epic and bold as on screen.

Mindy being a talented comedian amongst other amazing qualities makes you laugh out loud for real as you are flipping pages. It’s an easy going, enjoyable read, you will definitely be glued to the pages. She uses many analogies, making references to Hollywood’s most epic movies and actors.

The most shocking thing was reading about a day in Mindy’s life. With Hollywood’s best, I find myself coveting their lives especially during Oscar’s season for example. Seeing artists grace the halls in their Chanel gowns and perfect hair and makeup seems like a dream but rarely do I find myself thinking about what their lives outside of movies look like. Mindy gives a detailed hour by hour outline of her day and it is nothing like I ever expected. With days that start while the sun is still down until 2am, she is working. Although she loves her craft, her responsibilities are so demanding.

Learning about Mindy’s up and coming in the film industry was inspiring as well. I felt like I could conquer the world and run for my own TV show because if Mindy could do it, so can I. I felt empowered to pursue my passion and dedicate time to things I love like blogging.

Overall, this is a great read for when you are looking to add some humour to your day to day life and get a boost of confidence.

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What are you reading today?

~ Kisses Kvitka ~




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