5 Things Media Stops Reporting

This week Grammys stole the show as everyone waited with anticipation for the winners to be announced. However, the Grammys already got enough press this week. I want to talk about the dilemma we are facing in real time and that is ‘report and forget’.


Today we have the benefit of instant news coverage where you are no longer waiting for the morning paper to learn that Taylor Swift had a dashing Grammys outfit. Something that I can’t help but notice though is that while we report news instantly, they become “old news” just as rapidly or don’t receive any coverage at all. Let me give you some examples.

#1 Famine in South Sudan: personally I have not heard of this much on the media. Mass starvation (4 million people) ensued after two years of civil war causing resources to become scarce.

# 2 Crisis in Ukraine: in my classes the extent of people’s knowledge is the annexation of Crimea. What the media has lacked to report is the bloody war that ensued in eastern Ukraine shortly after, taking the lives of ~9,000.

#3 Lebanon on the brink of civil war: the Syrian crisis has made headlines globally. However, its neighbours are not getting nearly enough coverage despite the repercussions their potential civil wars will have on global affairs.

#4 Cambodia sex trafficking: this is a destination for peadophiles due to the lax laws surrounding prostitution which have been linked to a boost in tourism.

# 5 Zika virus: although we are aware of the epidemic, there are not enough questions being asked in the media. Currently we are curious to learn if Zika can be passed on from one adult to another? How can you distinguish the flue from Zika symptoms? Once the symptoms pass, are you able to return to full health?

With this post I hope to raise your awareness about the importance of reading the news critically and always asking questions. Our curiosity will lead to top notch reporting.

Q&A: What news stories do you think are not getting enough media attention?

~Kisses, Kvitka~


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