Mani Haven for Valentine’s Day

On New Years Eve, we visited the Her Majesty’s Pleasure to get pampered for the evening. After hearing amazing reviews about this beauty haven, we booked a mani session immediately. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is not only a beauty and spa destination, it also features a bar, cafe, lounge, and a boutique in its Downtown location. We were very pleased, walking out with our manis (trying to look cool and collected). Here are our thoughts.

| Variety: 10/10 | Prices: $$ | Service: **** |


This was our second time getting our nails done professionally. Although we had difficulty booking our appointments online, our experience at Her Majesty’s Pleasure was amazing.




Mani: 10/10

When I do my own nails, let’s just say that it is like the point of no return; therefore, getting my nails done professionally was an exhilarating time for me. Rochelle and I signed up for the Signature mani which includes filing, cuticle care, a hand massage, and polish for 30min at a rate of $35. The polish has stayed on for a week with zero chipping or damage, withstanding everything I threw at them like champs (cleaning, typing).



Atmosphere: 9/10

Walking through the front doors really makes you feel like royalty. The modern metallic design harmonized very well with the rustic wooden details, we basically walked into modern day Little France. Overall, each section of the salon had its own vibe, from rustic in the entry way to beachy for the padi section, 60s “Hairspray” in the hair salon, and girly for the manis.




Menu: 7/10

How classy were Rochelle and I sipping on Prosecco while our nails were being filed, it was like a scene from a movie (literally). Although overpriced, the bar and cafe offer a limited yet delicious variety of options from macarons to croissants and scones, small finger food as for a boost of energy.

To visit Her Majesty’s Website for more information visit:

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Q&A: Do you prefer getting your nails done or an at home spa and why?



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