Inspiration Board for February

New month rings in new adventures. Over the past few weeks, I have been busy tracking the latest trends and pinning new items I want to try in February starting with beauty and fashion to interesting reads, home decor, and events. Here is a little sneak peek into what has inspired me for the month of February.



◊ Oils – Canada is not very merciful when it comes to winters. As a result of the cold, dry air, my hair and skin are in serious need of extra moisture. I am excited to use coconut oil for some face and hair masks.

◊ Facial Massage – I am one of those people that just smacks cream on her face, puts a checkmark next to: moisturize skin daily and head out the door. This time around, I’m looking forward to not only spending more time massaging the product into my face better but to use this roller for an added cooling effect to the skin.

◊ Gold finish – Although I have a tendency to reach for my go to makeup items in the morning, I will be exchanging my favorites with a new stock. I can’t wait to use soft pinks and golden shades for the eyes. These makeup looks is what I am aiming for.

Food and Drinks

◊ Coffee or latte – Recently I tried the vanilla mocha at Starbucks while out with friends and aside from getting all gittery from my inexperience drinking caffeinated drinks, I have found a new craving. Being a student though, I am making an effort to recreate the above drink for those non-busy mornings. Wish me luck!

◊ FOOD – Cooking for myself can sometimes become dull because of busy schedules and expensive food prices. However, I will be using these images as inspiration to spice up my go to meals. Mashed potatoes no longer need to be served solo. Adding some fruits and veggies with beef as a side has a much better and filling presentation.


Lifestyle and Home Decor

◊ Cold air – Once again, life in Canada requires that one own heavy duty jackets, boots, hats, and mittens at all times. Looking chic is just no longer a priority which is why I will be trying out these hand warmers from now on. Can’t wait to see if they are effective.

◊ Blankets – My room is always experiencing changes in terms of decor. Currently, I am looking to invest into a quality blanket for my bed. Not only is it a way to dress up a space, but they are also perfect for curling up during those rainy or cold days.

◊ Winterlicious – Rochelle and I love Winterlicious. There is nothing like amazing food coming at fixed, discounted prices. We have made a list of our top 5 locations and can’t wait to share our experiences with you. Many reviews are coming your way.

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Q&A: What trends are you looking to try this February? 

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos found on the memo board and notebook were cut out from the ElleCanada and Chatelaine magazines. You can visit these sources' webpage by clicking on their titles.



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