The Revenant Movie Review

This week I was talked into watching “The Revenant.” Watching the 2 minute trailer was enough to conclude that this film will be graphic, dramatic, and well long, 2.5h to be precise. However, as is often proven right, don’t judge a book/movie by its cover/trailer. Although the film was a change from my list of Netflix favourites, the movie did not disappoint.  


This film touches upon one of the darkest chapters in colonial history– the relationship between the Aboriginal communities and European voyagers in the New World. You can say that everything I learned in my high school history classes came in handy. The movie revolves around the themes of survival, revenge, and you guessed it– death. A quick summary (trying to avoid major spoilers), after overcoming vicious attacks by a grizzly bear, Hugh Glass is left by his hunting team in the wilderness to fend for his life. Will he survive, how will he survive?

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 7/10 | Adventure: 9/10 |  Cinematography: 10/10 | Action: 6.5/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must watch

Be warned, the first and last scenes of the movie were violent and gory. In other words, I had my eyes shut, asking every couple of seconds if it was safe to look. Although the cinematography was phenomenal,  American and Canadian landscapes are breathtaking, I do have zero tolerance for gore; therefore, my opinion on the matter is totally biased. Just letting you know that bows will be striking heads and fingers will be chopped off in HD.


The movie revolves around Hugh Glass’ efforts to survive the harsh winter conditions in order to seek revenge for his son’s death. Most certainly, this was accompanied by waves of intensifying goosebumps. We must acknowledge the fact that the movie was filmed with limited CGI effects. In other words, when you see Leonardo DiCaprio get into northern waters, you bet he did. This is basically the ultimate brain freeze and a call for hypothermia.


There was limited dialogue during the entire movie. You mainly experienced the sounds of nature and human suffering in the form of moaning, shifting, and pain. Oddly enough, dialogue felt foreign to the film and I found myself paying attention to the subtleties of music and tone a lot more. I was most captivated by the extremes a human being can withstand before breaking from the cold, starvation, loneliness, and loss.

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**All the photos are taken from the official "The Revenant" movie webpage at These photos were not taken by A Lipstick Trilogy. Production company: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

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