New Years Resolutions Decoded

Cheers to our last Winter Bucket-List Challenge of 2015! We noticed how much more productive we were during the holiday season and the number of new experiences we gathered. The Winter Bucket-List is also similar to the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. Although we sometimes set the expectations too high for ourselves such as crazy workout schedules, spending budgets, and sleeping patterns, New Year’s Resolutions still remain the most inspirational To-Do lists if you set goals that suit your lifestyle. Here is a little taste of our 2016 resolutions. 



My goals are very simple but they will definitely lead to a more fulfilling 2016. Sharing my resolutions with you will encourage me to fulfill them to my maximum capacity.

Early  As a dancer I know that being on time is equivalent to being 15min late. This 2016, I will arrive 5-10min early to all my commitments.

Bedtime I am officially setting my bedtime to 12pm, no exceptions. Beauty sleep doesn’t wait and paying off “sleep debt” is non-existent.

♦ Superhero Posture Improving your posture can improve your mood. Feeling like a boss will be my go to during those Monday blues.

Cooking 101 – I will be spending more time in the kitchen, mastering some easy yet delicious meals (pretending like I’m on”Master Chef.”

Bloggie – We care about our readers and have a goal to improve A Lipstick Trilogy by better reaching out to readers


I like keeping my goals as high as possible because when (not if) I achieve them, I kinda feel like a boss. Of course failing to keep maintain my goals is crappy…so it’s more incentive not to fail? You can probably tell I’m a ‘glass is half full’ kind of girl.

#1. Wake up: You never find me awake before 10 even on school days which is pathetic. Therefore, I’m pulling out all the stops and posting on my public blog that “I, Rochelle, will not skip any classes and wake up at 8 am on all/most weekdays”.

#2. Read more: I notice I read a lot during the summer but I barely get through two books during the rest of the year. I love reading,but feel bad doing it instead of studying. My compromise is to read anything: non-fiction, textbook, newspaper etc. once a week. One book=one week. *Emma Watson just created a book club on Goodreads! 

#3. Accomplish: I tend to set mini-goals each week like: eat a full breakfast or do at least a single sit-up, but I usually push them off. I need to start accomplishing more. Writing down goals solidifies them and makes them more real, hence more incentive to accomplish!

#4. Be nice: In order to stave off a future with me turning into the Grinch, I plan on making it a point to be nice to at least one person a day.

#5. Everything Kvitka said!

 Any interesting New Years Resolutions you’ve made? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Cheers to 2016,

Kvitka & Rochelle


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