Inspiration Board for January

January 2016 officially welcomes us to the world of new experiences, trends, and adventures. The Inspiration Board serves the purpose of a To-Do list where I outline some goals I wish to accomplish for the month. The Inspiration Board features categories such as food and drinks, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, events, and news, a little bit of everything to appeal to a wide variety of interests that our readers hold. I hope you create one yourself to better organize your thoughts.



Beets Red – Red lips are most common during the holiday and winter months. However, I will be switching up my look with a more pinkish red in order to add some variety to this trend.

 Matchy matchy – I am all about mixing textures, colours, especially with my jewelry. However, I want to branch out and incorporate more classic pieces and jewelry sets such as this pearl one.

♥ Getaway – I am inspired to begin planning a trip with Rochelle this summer. It will be a time to detox from the busyness that is school and work. What destinations do you recommend?


Health and Literature 

Aroma Therapy – After receiving some home fragrance oil, I have officially replaced candles with this new find, adding some to my linens and towels. My bedroom is filled with the aroma of Jasmine (a relaxing atmosphere).

Winter Runs – Although this is an ambitious goal, I have decided that I will challenge myself to a 3k run twice a week this winter… outside. Despite the cold Canada weather, I am determined!

New Read – I received the book “Into the Wild” for Christmas and my goal is to watch the film interpretation thereafter. An interesting  ritual I want to start is watching movie adaptations after finishing new reads.


♥ To Do List – I have decided to maximize my time by creating a daily itinerary and plan for the day instead of a simple to do list. This form of structure is more grounded and practical.

Dream Big – Using my Q&A journal has really helped me better reflect on day to day occurrences but I will be taking a step further and creating goals for each month even if they are as simple as making room for naps.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments below

What are you reading this month? 

Q&A: How do you like to reflect on your day?

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos found on the memo board and notebook were cut out from the Elle Canada magazine. You can visit this source's webpage and find details about these photos by clicking on the magazine title.





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