Travel Winter Bucket-List Challenge

This week we had a very exciting Bucket-List challenge – travelling. Kvitka decided to exchange her Toronto nest for snowy mountain tops and skiing in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Let’s just say it was indeed a true “Family Vacation.” Keep reading to find out more about our adventures last week.


Every year, instead of trading the cold for sunny beaches and a lavished pool side, my family travels up north to Quebec for an annual family skiing trip. This year we were visiting the Mont-Tremblant ski resort which is about one of the most festive locations we have discovered thus far. Only one problem – NO SNOW! From extreme fog to constant rain and ice, skiing became an ordeal. Nevertheless we made the most of it.


Rochelle and I spent Christmas with our families entertaining, eating delicious home made meals, and opening presents. What better way to catch up with family and spend real quality time when you are all cramped in a small hotel room, constantly stepping on each other’s toes. Nevertheless, my New Year’s Resolution is to dedicate more time to family through hmm movie and board game nights.


Boxing Day, need I say more. Oh the line ups and crowds. I think I will hit the sales racks a week from now when the hype has gone down. Witnessing people battling over a sweatshirt was enough to scare me into online shopping on Boxing Day.

Q&A: What do you think about shopping on Boxing Day? Do you participate or wait until next week? Let us know in the comments below.

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

We are wishing you a Happy and Warm New Year  


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