101: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Guide

This week I thought it would be interesting to try something a little different on the blog and share with you the essentials for creating a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Party guide. Here I have included all the necessities from holiday food and drinks to feast on to some fun activities to keep the guests entertained. Being a host is a stressful responsibility but it doesn’t have to be with these tips. I hope these ideas serve as your helpful guide to an unforgettable party. 

Home Decor

Christmas Tree: this is an essential! With its bright lights and decorations, it already creates a cozy and bright atmosphere for your party. You can either stock up on decorations yourself or create some with your group of friends.


 ♦ Pillows: adding small finishing touches like pillows, warm throws, little nick nack decorations, and candles will create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to entertain. Don’t forget to turn up the Christmas carols on the radio.

Mistletoe: an absolute necessity during the holidays, no questions asked.



Ugly Christmas Sweater: this is the highlight of the evening! You will need some mini pom-poms, ribbon, sparkles, fabrics, snowflakes, reindeer bells, or anything that can be adhered to a sweater. Create a working station with bowls filled with decorative goodies and let your friends dig in and have fun doing arts and crafts.

Photoshoot: it wouldn’t be a Christmas party if you did not take photos of your finished products. For an extra fun spin, reward the most original or wacky sweaters with small prizes.

Secret Santa: in a tight group of friends, prevent wallet draining from Christmas shopping by organizing a Secret Santa. Draw names and come prepared with a gift to the party for one person rather than all your entire group of friends. Its a memorable addition to an already spectacular night.


Ginger Bread Cookies: it would not be a Christmas party if ginger bread cookie decorating was not included in the itinerary. In small bowls, place some candy essentials like sprinkle, gummy bears, and frosting. This is such a fun way to engage your guests during the party.

Food and Drinks


Chocolate pretzels: not only are these delicious treats easy to make, but they are addicting – so delicious. Dip your pretzels in some melted chocolate, sprinkle some treats on top and let them cool off in the fridge.

 ♦ Hot Chocolate: add some flavour to your regular cup of hot chocolate by adding some spices like cinnamon or chilli powder or ginger, nutmeg, you name it. Top it off with a cinnamon stick inside the cup and you’re all set. I received inspiration for this video.

♦ Stay tuned for more holiday themed recipes coming your way.

Will you be hosting a holiday themed party this season?

I hope you enjoyed this guide for a successful Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Show us some love these holidays by subscribing to our mailing list and don’t forget to stay in touch with us via social media (all links below).  


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