Winter Bucket List: Nutella Cafe Toronto

Hello to our first Winter Bucket-list post! Last week we challenged ourselves to try out a new hot spot in Toronto and the Nutella cafe seemed like a great place to start. I will let you in on a little secret, I blame having a sweet-tooth for all things chocolate for my choice of the largest Nutella filled item on the menu. 


The Nutella Cafe is the first one to open in Toronto and it is located inside of the Sobeys supermarket. Using your sense of smell is what will help you navigate (not Google maps, I’m serious). Although the cafe did not match my expectations (think Starbucks); nevertheless, I don’t think I have ever seen so many stacks of Nutella in my life of varying sizes and packages.

Although the menu is limited to a few classic drinks like hot chocolate and a few pastries, I did treat myself to a crepe with Nutella filling inside. Although heavenly for the first few bites, it is definitely a sugar rush crisis afterwards.

This week’s challenge is an exciting one! Stay tuned for a post next Monday to hear about our adventures.


What are you plans for the winter holidays? 

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-Kisses, Kvitka- 

Happy Holidays 


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