Painting: stress reliever, fun and DIY!

Why do we spend money on buying store made arts prints when you can DIY? This is not to say that we shouldn’t support artists and definitely not to promote plagiarism! But you can support artists by buying from them directly and not giving most of the proceeds to the middle man (the store). Just remember to give credit where credit is due while not selling any imitation art. Doing it yourself can be totally easy and fun!

Step one: Decide on primed canvas or just a sheet of thick paper. Canvas is harder to manage but doesn’t necessarily need to be framed while paper usually needs to be framed but is faster/cheaper to paint upon.

Step two: Find an inspirational quote. Or a beautiful scene you photographed. Or a famous painting you remember from high school art class. Or that rustic looking vase in the corner.

Step three: Don’t be hard on yourself. Just sip away at your wine, wiggle your paintbrush to T. Swift and have some fun!

Step four: Be proud. Usually it turns out okay but if didn’t, don’t worry- the dustbin is a few steps away. Just kidding! Using sandpaper on canvas works really well as an eraser or you can take a page out of the great Gogh’s book and paint over your work of art. If you love it, yay!! Just cut out a frame, paint it gold, black, brown and glue to to the corners. Voila, you’re very own painting!

Painting isn’t just a livelihood. It’s an excellent stress reliever (for some) and it’s really nice to hang up something you’ve created yourself. Whether you’ve just moved into a new unfurnished apartment, you’re a broke student or just want to be creative with friends, painting is a great way to express your creative side. So treat yo’self this December!

Happy holidays,



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