Inspiration Board for December

Its this time again for the Lipstick Trilogy Inspiration Board. November proved to be a very unadventurous month for me as I did not pay attention to the resent trends in fashion and makeup, events, and lifestyle updates. However, with holiday season, this inspiration board for December is especially festive and full. I hope you find some of the items/activities on this bucket list as inspiration as well. Share with us what you are looking forward to in December. 



♥ Ballet – this winter, Rochelle and I as well as our close friend Vanessa will be dressing up to see the Nutcracker performed by the National Ballet of Canada. Not only a great girls night idea but this is also a way to get into the holiday spirit. This will be my first time watching the ballet rather than performing.

♥ Oils – my hair has been feeling very dry with the onset of cold weather which is why I want to restore some moisture, shine, and strength into it by using essential oils like coconut or avocado oil. Currently, I am in search of effective home remedies. Do you have any recommendations?



♥ Sweater dress – I have been spotting tight fitting sweater dresses this season and I think I will definitely be giving these a try. This is a practical, comfortable yet chic and instant outfit which is ideal for the holidays. At least I will be stepping out of my comfort zone by ditching the pants.

♥ Sweaters – Being a firm believer that you can never have too many sweaters in Canada, I will definitely be stocking up on some this winter. The style I am looking for are heavy knits as well as the unforgettable – ugly Christmas sweater.



♥ Popcorn – DIY popcorn flavours is what I am all about. Out goes the classic buttered popcorn as I will be experimenting with new ingredients by adding: cinnamon, melted chocolate, trail mix, and dried fruits in order to determine my favourite combination. Currently, at Cineplex theaters in particular, I am liking the mix of ketchup and cheese powders (it tastes a little bit like pizza).

Drinks – It is time that I stepped up my recipe game when it comes to alcoholic beverages. I am determined to discover new ways of spicing up old recipes for the holidays whether it be adding finishing touches like lime or creating a new mix.

What are you looking forward to in December?

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~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos found on the memo board and notebook were cut out from the Elle Canada, Chatelaine, magazines. You can visit these sources' webpage by clicking on the magazine titles.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Board for December

  1. rgray8 says:

    Love this post!! I’ve been getting really into hair oils lately since my hair got mega damaged (currently slathered in coconut oil!) and I’m loving Moroccan oil for maintenance and coconut oil for a hair mask. I heard that you can add essential oils like rosemary, tea tree or rose that stimulate your scalp and smell nice but I haven’t tried those yet! Love making up new popcorn flavors! Right now we are obsessed with chipotle powder, chili powder, lime, and cheese powder. It’s delicious! I’ll have to try your combination when my boyfriend isn’t home… he HATES ketchup! haha I’m looking forward to chillin’ this december and shopping for loved ones! I love giving gifts and making arts and crafts and mailing letters the old fashioned way. Hope you’re doing well! Ps. I think there might be a typo at the end where you mention September in your question! 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    • lipsticktrilogy says:

      Yes for sure! I recently bought some coconut so I will be giving that a shot. As for popcorn flavours– I have been DIYing some lately (the Foodnetwork has some great recipe ideas). And thank you for noticing the typo hehe, we have moved well past September. Thank you so much for being an active contributor to our blog– its very amazing 🙂


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