Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide on a Budget

It’s that time of they year again– spreading the holiday cheer, reflecting, gift giving, and wallet draining. Personally, gift giving is not my forte unlike Rochelle who is known for her thoughtful presents. If you can relate with me, not to worry, Rochelle and I have come up with an affordable top ten holiday gift guide that is set to impress. We hope you find our suggestions helpful and would love to hear some of your ideas for the holidays.

♦ Hats and scarves: winter is coming, a practical gift for a fashion diva.

Q&A: a reflective journal with a question for every day of the year.

♦ Mugs: you cannot go wrong with a hot chocolate mug with goodies.

♦ Bean boozled: an adventurous game for the holidays cue the jelly beans.

♦ Ginger bread cookie: spicing things up in the kitchen with a decorative kit.

Spa: a spa kit is a perfect edition during the holidays.

Candles: candles add a more cozy and relaxing feel at home.

♦ Stationary: you can never go wrong with a beautiful, inspiring notebook.

Ferrero Rocher: this grand Ferrero Rocher will satisfy the sweet tooth.

Cologne: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the ideal for pricier goodies.



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