Language Challenge: Spanish

Recently, I have turned to the app DuoLingo for some help in learning Spanish. Taking on this challenge has proven to be harder than I expected- languages are difficult, alright, especially when they intervene with your knowledge of a similar language like French. Wish me luck with this endeavor and in the mean time here is what I’m loving about the app. 



Learning languages does not only make you more aware and in general, a more sensible individual, but the ease of going on your next adventure in a foreign country is a definite plus. Language is a major component of culture and often times frames the way people think; therefore, generally speaking, being able to converse in a foreign language gives you an edge and an insider perspective.

DuoLingo is my go to for learning some language basics. You can choose to dedicate anywhere between 5-20 minutes each day in order to solidify some basic skills. I decided to be adventurous and have selected the 15 minute goal. Each exercise introduces you to new vocabulary through a series of matching, translating, and speaking exercises. All the exercises reinforce your understanding and provide a rewards system as a way to track your progress.


So far I have made progress in learning vocabulary for categories such as: animals, food, clothing, time, colours, and family and solidified grammar concepts such as prepositions, conjunctions, questions, and the present tense. 

After just two weeks, I can say very simple phrases that describe what I’m doing/eating etc. and basically survive if I was ever dropped off in Spain.


What languages do you speak?

Have you given this app a try? Share your thoughts in the comments as well as make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch with future posts.

~Kisses, Kvitka~


2 thoughts on “Language Challenge: Spanish

  1. rgray8 says:

    I love this app! I know basic Spanish from taking 3 courses in HS and one in college and I tried using DuoLingo to learn French but I always think in Spanish!! Hahah those two aren’t even close. This app is super helpful but It gets confusing sometimes. If you’re going to be spending 15 minutes starting at your phone anyways, you might as well be learning something instead of scrolling through social media πŸ˜‰ Keep me updated with how this goes! Maybe i’ll start getting back into it as well so we can learn together!


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    • lipsticktrilogy says:

      So glad you’re trying it out too πŸ™‚ So far it’s going great but the biggest challenge is mixing things up haha. I’ve done it for almost a month now and only 5% fluent though. I totally agree with you, time well spent rather than scrolling through Instagram haha. Will keep you posted πŸ™‚


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