Actually Keeping A Diary: Night Routine

I find it that reflecting on my day should happen on paper and not during deep talks in the shower. However, the countless times that I attempted to start writing in a diary, I managed to keep it up until all my juicy secrets were out– crushes was some of the top secret information. Currently, I am head over heels about the Q&A diary which Rochelle gifted for my birthday. This is a reinvented diary which I am determined to fill out every day.


The Q&A diary is theoretically supposed to last you five years whereby each day you answer a question which is posed on top of the page. Questions range in complexity from writing about your most cherished memory to the last item purchased with your credit card. You have only a few lines to write down your answer which is manageable every night. The stigma with diaries is that it requires you to ponder life after a long and busy day; however, this book is rather refreshing.

Watch how you have grown and changed over the past five years. It will be a good time looking back at some answers and wondering where your mind was at.


The Science

When you are having difficulty falling asleep or anxiety is preventing you from your daily activities, try writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Once its on paper, it gets processed by your brain, giving those thoughts some clarity. Now you can begin to focus on another task freely.


Do you keep a diary?

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~Kisses, Kvitka~


2 thoughts on “Actually Keeping A Diary: Night Routine

  1. Rachel Gray says:

    I got one of these last year so I could try and keep a diary of some sort, and I loved it! I kept up with it for a few months and then it sadly went the same way all my other diaries go… I totally just stopped using it 😦 I hope you’re more consistent than I am because I do think this is a great idea and I think it would be wonderful to see how much you’ve changed from year to year. You will have to let me know if you keep up with it!

    Liked by 1 person

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