Canadian Federal Election 2015, Your Voice Matters

As taught in numerous political science courses world wide, elections are a product of democratic societies. Although many countries exercise this right, it is often fraud, something that I learned first hand while living in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. However, in Canada, this is a safe and honest privilege that 40% of youth don’t take advantage off simply by not casting their votes. This year, Rochelle and I had the privilege of working with Elections Canada. During my time working the advanced polls, I made a significant observation– the lack of youth coming out to vote. 


Trying to dig a little bit deeper, we asked some of our friends and fellow students at university if they would be voting this year. Despite an overwhelming yes majority, they were skeptical of the power their voice had in the country saying, “[Federal politicians] wont be able to change anything anyways” or my personal favourite “If I don’t vote, it wont matter, its just one vote.”

The first issue which I have observed is the lack of advertisement to encourage youth to vote and the ways to get registered. There are no brochures or presenters at schools to educate young adults about the importance of voting and participating in the political life. After all, your life in Canada is greatly dependent on the individuals sitting in the House of Commons and the Senate, it only makes sense that you influence who will be sitting there.

Most importantly, all  sectors of society help influence what goes on the political party’s agenda. If the significant majority of students are absent from this equation, so are their issues and demands– we simply loose priority. Therefore, participation in the operation of one’s country either by reading the news, writing to your MP, or the easiest one yet– spending 15min to vote, will be enough of a contribution.

Canadians, we hope that you are able to make it to the October 19th elections! Your voice matters and you are the future of change and growth in Canada:

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~Kisses, Kvitka~

The photos and video found in this post are property of Elections Canada, they were not created by A Lipstick Trilogy. To find the photos and video, visit the Elections Canada website by clicking this link:

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