Inspiration Board for October

October has rolled around very unexpectedly and so did the rainy fall weather and windy mornings. Fall, however, is my favourite time of the month which is why this month’s inspiration board was such a pleasure to create. Although this is a typical movie scene, there is nothing like sitting next to a window with your hot tea and a blanket, starring outside as its pouring rain. As for now, here is my take on some fashion trends, current events, makeup tricks, and food recipes.

Food and Makeup

♥ With Halloween right around the corner, I have decided to spice up this year’s festivities by creating these delicious drinks. I will be purchasing some orange soda and vanilla ice cream to recreate the seasonal colours. It looks like a fun drink to make and our sweet-tooth will not be disappointed.

♥ Fall is all about playing up the darker eye shadows. My personal favourites are maroons and golds. Although I stand by my natural and simple look, I will be playing up my eyes. Its a bold statement, have fun experimenting with dark lips or eye palettes.


♥ When out shopping, my absolute favourite look is the layering of blouses and sweaters. This combination is a mixture of put together, chic, and the obvious one– warm. Although ten years ago this would of been a fashion faux pas for me, recently, I have been becoming appreciative of this trend.

♥ The mid-length coats displayed in this collage are a guilty pleasure of mine. I have yet to find the right one but I am determined to continue on my search for this retro item. Just like seen with the trench coat, I seem to lack very classic pieces in my wardrobe.

Current Events

♥ I am a big believer in taking long walks in order to destress and now there is a study to approve my life hack. There is nothing like embracing the warm fall weather, breathing in fresh air in order to clear your mind. Get away from the busy city and enjoy the silence.

♥ Chatelaine has written about the TED talks which I tend to watch obsessively on Youtube. Something which sparked interest was the idea that a lot of the amazing inventions created came as a result of necessity. We tend to spend a lot of time wondering how in a world which is so abundant with ideas can we possibly contribute. However, all it takes is finding a challenge and solving it. I bet waking up late is what led to the invention– the alarm clock.

What inspired you in the month of October?

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~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos displayed on the memo board collage and notebook were cut out from the Elle Canada and Chatelaine magazines and not a property of A Lipstick Trilogy. You can visit these sources' webpage by clicking on the magazine titles.

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