Water on Mars– Possible Life?

Life in outer space has been the theme for countless Hollywood blockbusters; however, what if it wasn’t all fiction? The perpetual debate about life in space is inching closer to potentially finding some answers. The New York Times has recently published about NASA’s discovery of water on Mars and the research we can expect ahead. What does this all mean?


NASA has discovered streaks of water on Mars which are believed to have formed during the warmer months on the planet. Although the source of water is still I know, looking at images, the darker shades of rock indicate the route in which the water has traveled before disappearing during the colder months. With water as the basis for survival comes the potential for life and the discovery of potential habitable regions on Mars. The possibilities seem countless when you are putting your best sci-fi thinking caps on.

This discovery may be the piece to complete the puzzle in answering the question many have pondered– are we truly alone in space? I am currently wondering what the next step would be if life is discovered on Mars. Rovers will be sent in 2020 states the New York Times to observe these streams and if possible, collect samples without contaminating the region.


Some of my conclusions are as farfetched as Mars being transformed into a habitable 2.0 version of Earth. However, on a more realistic note, I strongly believe that the search for life in space will be excelled now that water has been discovered and previous theories about Mars have been proven otherwise. Looking far ahead, I think the search for life and possible habitability can lead to future experimentation with speicies survival and adjustment in secluded, greenhouse like shuttles. A lot more debate is to come surrounding the controversial question of life in outer space such as, should we be more preoccupied with sustainability of life on Earth or quite the contrary, should the search for water reserves on Mars continue which might end up allowing us to learn more about Earth itself. 


What do you hope we discover on Mars?

A. Life: further research should be conducted

B. Nothing: it may be water with no traces of life

C. mars can one day be habitable for humans

D. you don’t support this research

E. Other suggestions

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~Kisses, Kvitka~

This post was inspired by the article, "NASA Confirms Signs of Water Flowing on Mars, Possible Niches for Life" from the New York Times. All the photos in this post were not taken by A Lipstick Trilogy and are property of the New York Times. You can read thearticle at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/29/science/space/mars-life-liquid-water.html?action=click&contentCollection=Magazine&module=MostPopularFB&version=Fullยฎion=Marginalia&src=me&pgtype=article


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