Scarf obsession is real 

It was only this morning that I realized the sheer importance of a scarf. It only took strong winds knocking me off my feet to come to this conclusion. I myself am guilty of hoarding scarves, gathering a wide selection for every season. However, it is slightly disappointing that scarves are not getting all the love they deserve and are labelled as an unnecessary accessory. I am here to do justice to all scarf obsessed fashionistas out there and give you reasons for investing in some scarves this season. 

♦ It doesn’t matter what you wear, a scarf will always pull the look together. Better yet, they give that extra oomph to any outfit (for a lack of any better words) which is an instant confidence boost for me.

♦ When at the end of your lunch break you notice an unavoidable sauce stain on your shirt, don’t be distressed, a scarf will cover it up.

♦ Those coats that have a wide open neck, aside from raising the question why– when you are desperately trying to preserve hear, a scarf comes in handy. Use it as a cover up on the beach or a blanket.

♦ Unlike any other accessory, your wiggle room with a scarf is limitless.

♦ Unlike jewelry, scarves don’t have storage needs or get tangled up, better yet, they tend to be fairly inexpensive. If finances are tight, not to worry, DIY your own–better yet, by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric.

What is your fall statement piece?

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~Kisses, Kvitka~


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