“Room” a movie worth your tears 

One of the highlights of Toronto life is the Toronto International Film Festival. Movies pile in from all around the globe and are streamed for the public at various locations such as the TIFF Lightbox, Princess of Wales Theater, Scotiabank Theater, and many more. Seeing celebrities is just one of the bonuses of being an active movie goer. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy from short films to foreign, animation, and many genres. This year, I lined up bright and early to snatch two tickets to see the TIFF Grolsch People’s Choice Award winning movie– “Room.”

“Room” is an award winning novel by Emma Donoghue. I must admit to paying close attention to small yet climatic details which made the book so dark and profound. The film tells a story of a young women who endured life in a backyard shed with her 5-year old son after being kidnapped as a teenager and suffering countless accounts of rape. Her son– Jack having never seen the world outside the four cramped walls became the hero rescuing himself and Ma from Old Nick– the kidnapper. The story continues to describe life after their escape and it is as difficult and haunting of a plot line as their captivity. Let’s just say that adjusting to the world of extended family, sunlight, decease, and an urban lifestyle is only the beginning.

It is extremely difficult to sound unbiased when this novel and movie moved the entire Princess of Wales’ three balconies to tears. You heard sobbing as people desperately held back tears. Becoming emotionally invested in this movie was impossible to avoid.
The details were spot on, the music harmoniously added the needed feel to the film which I blame for my tear fest. Although I was skeptical of the film since half of the book takes place in the shed and lacks Hollywood driven action, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of intrigue and yes, even humour.

I do truly hope that this film will reach the big Cineplex theaters and you receive a chance to watch it as well! It is an eye opening film that will not only make you hold on to your loved ones closer but also redefine the meaning of love, appreciation, and strength for you even in a chaotic, hopeless situation.

Link to their website: http://roomthemovie.com/#/

What touching films have you watched recently?

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~Kisses, Kvitka~


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